Monday, February 20, 2012

The Raven

We've experienced the busiest of times over the last few days and it was a good thing I was feeling so energized, I needed it. I'm not going to go over the litany of things I did, blah, blah , blah, who cares :) but I did get some hiking, biking, working and a lot of visiting done. I was asked to make a Raven feather for a lovely lady so I made two, one for etsy, which I'll list tomorrow morning. I seemed to take forever but I did get my latest loot into my etsy shoppe and I want to thank all of you who spread the word with your etsy hearts, sometimes that's just how I find good stuff myself so I wanted to formally tell you how much I appreciate that.

I had a little mystic boulder opal in my collection and I thought the shape of the stone was just perfect on this ink black, raven feather.

I put an extender on the chain that starts at about 16 1/2 inches.......

with up to three more inches of opportunities.

I added a maquis cut iolite briolette in the back so the people behind you in line will be impressed. You can also wear your hair down and it will be our secret.

It got so dark by the time I met with Laura, my pictures reveald a mystic quality too in the dimming light.

Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents......... (sing it like Marilyn) and happy day off to some of you!
xo Ro


  1. I'm not big on jewelry, but that is really pretty!

    1. well that's a big compliment coming from you Joan:) thank you!!

  2. Sooooooo so so pretty.....looks lovely on lovely Laura! :-) Wonderful iolite briolette touch too ♥.

    P.S. Why do we have TWO words to type in now to post to a blog? Are robots getting smarter?

  3. I made a feather pendant like this one for my girlfriend who told me she gets stopped in airports by men, duck hunters and the like, who admire her feather necklace, telling her it looks so real and asking where she got it........ could be good if you're single and hunting for a hunter ;P

    I know Lisa, two words now, and do you leave a space? and that black and white one can be pretty hard to decipher. I think google is watching with black helicopters, must be some kind of code, something they can later sell to ?

    No I'm not parinoid.......