Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally Vettened

It's hard to accurately capture the rain in photos, how to convey the rich bouquet of scents that are brought forth during the blessed event not to mention the ever pleasing sound of everyting dripping, drumming on the roof, plop on the hardscape. It feels like that big sky closes in around your shoulders in a gargantuan hug, to me anyway.

I worked over the weekend which was pretty quiet as weekends go. I'm making more saddles, just because I feel like making them right now, I have more avenues I want to explore, more ideas I'd like to see come into fruition. I was humbled yesterday when I gumped a ring that was nearly finished, nothing like spending HOURS on a half melted piece of silver. I brought it in to show my husband who understands completely, having whole kiln loads of pottery fail in the last process. I tell you sometimes this kind of work will bring you to your knees but if I don't keep challenging myself, there would be no fun or stimulation in it either.

What to do? My husband always has good advise......"when something fails, make two more" I like that advise and I plan to follow it.

Sometimes you need to prove to yourself that you're capable, painful as it is..........

to get back on that mule.

Vetten def. ; I cut hair, people hair. I taught myself mostly by watching other hairdressers when I get mine cut. I don't really like cutting other peoples hair, it's a big responsibility but people like me to do it. Why, because they can sit in my garden and watch the hummingbirds while I snip. They don't have to sit inside smelling toxic chemical fumes while reading People Magazine under florecent lights. (now I want me to cut my hair :) One of my good friends is German and when I cut his hair he always asks if I would like him to "vetten" (wet) his head.

*off to make two more....

xo Ro


  1. oh I wish it would rain here too. I can almost hear it drumming on your corrugated roof.
    It is so heartbreaking to have something melt/break/crack. I have opened the kiln sometimes and just stared at the rubble inside.
    I start throwing it in the bin and get out the vaccum cleaner!
    ps i cut my own hair, and I am afraid it shows!

    1. I hope you get rain too Julie, I'm jealous of your summer fog, very jealous.

      Nothing to do but suck it up, literally and figuratively and all that painting on your wonderful pieces, wahhhh wahhhhh.

      HA! your hair, you're funny!


  2. I thought melting an almost finished piece was reserved for the beginners...I feel your discouragement. I like your husband's advise...go make two more. May I suggest...go for a walk first. I always need to do that.

    I cut my husbands hair. Luckily he's not too picky. Most of the time it turns out great, then there are times when I get "the business" from my daughters. They like it on the longer side...and I get carried always grows back. : )

    1. Nope it's reserved for everyone, everywhere in EVERY field, Meltdowns sometimes is too generous a giver !

      I went out with friends and had goat cheese pizza :) :)

      I'd love to think that our husbands have that much faith in us but I think they would do most anything to avoid the s a l o n.

      My son brings me pictures of other haircuts and I try and copy them on his head. First I offer him cash to let someone more skilled give it a whirl. So far no meltdowns on his head, it's been kind of fun. When he was little he's ask for a buzz, that was easy.

    2. I have never "buzzed" anyone, i'm sure I could handle that!
      You are brave...haircuts from a picture!

      If I lived near you, I would join you for a goat cheese pizza. Great idea!

      You are husband wouldn't go to a salon...ever.

  3. Argh, the creative life. It's not for sissies, is it?? I think your husband is very wise. I will remember that.

    When it rains "it feels like that big sky closes in around your shoulders in a gargantuan hug..." Yes, YES! Exactly. I have always found comfort in rain.

    Ah, cutting hair. I got fed up with salons, etc., too, and in desperation told hubby to have a whack at it. (There's almost two feet of it, so I figured he should be able to manage a trim well enough without too much damage.)

    After what seemed like lots and lots of snipping, I finally turned my head so I could have a look at how much he was cutting and squeaked in alarm when I saw the one to two inches I had asked to be cut had turned into five!

    When I expressed my alarm, his response was: "You do want it even, don't you?"

    1. Nope, I need that slogan for my wall, good one!!!

      Oh my gosh, you would only be trustful once, it sounds like hubby was giving it his all, unabashedly!

    2. Ha, yes! Would make a great plaque, wouldn't it?!

      Obviously I'm a glutton for punishment because I did let him have another go. Although this time strict quality control measures were firmly in place, including a ruler, multiple mirrors, and three-minute checks! =) He actually earned a gold star the second time round!

      Still, I can't think why he won't let me near him with a pair of scissors...?

  4. Oh Ro, SO sorry about your ring meltdown:( Making 2 does sound like good advice. Got to keep on moving forward even when you might be doubting your capabilities. I'm looking forward to seeing new saddle rings!!!

    Beautiful rainy photos!!

    I cut someone's hair ONLY ONCE many moons ago-it was a disaster:-) xoxoxo

  5. I was actually unsoldering something that went askew, wah, wa (make the Debbie downer sound) Pushing forward......

    I Love the RAIN!!!

    Once was enough for you, HA HAAA!


  6. WE LOVE the rain!!! great pics Ro! I think you captured the rain very well,
    Ve are all Vettin!
    and happy bout it!

  7. OH YEAH it was good, I wish it would hang around a while, I like getting vet :)


  8. we were hoping for the rain too ro, and all that happened was a five minute drizzle. yesterday i was on a hike in the front country and it was so dusty and dry. all i kept thinking was how much we need it. at least at the beach we have had nice overcast and cloudy days.

    i can't imagine anything of yours (or julies) not turning out, or becoming damaged. i think i would cry to see that. but the urge to create is powerful force and what can you do but take a lovely attitude like you have and go on.

    1. We were really lucky Lori, it was a good one!!

      I spent all of yesterday on the the evening making 2 bands, really, they take forever.

      I've turned knitting to knots before too :)

  9. your chaps advice
    seems sound to me
    feel the fear
    and do it anyway


    1. Gotta do it, and sometimes twice...

      xo to you Linda

  10. Hi Ro,

    I think all who are creative can relate to your experience. I'm sorry about your recent event. I did NOT see Eric's response coming....that was a surprise to me, and I loved ♥ it!

    I also cut hair, but learned dog grooming first :o). It made for some brave human "guinea pigs" in the beginning. Plus, when your kids are little (a while ago now for me), one can answer the "Why....?" of something with "Because I said so!"

    In fact, I just cut my friend (Muriel's) hair last week. She is almost 87. She is such a dear friend, but also my toughest "customer." Jeesh, what is it about elderly people sometimes? lol They really don't hold back, and often REALLY tell it like it is!

    Happy Tuesday to all ~

    1. I live with a wise man :)

      Oh gosh Lisa, I learned on dogs first too! The trouble is dog and people hair are nothing alike, on the other hand the buzz works for both.

      That's what I love about the elderly and kids, nope they don't hold back and they're forgiven.


  11. i cut my husband's hair once, and we both decided half way through, that we would just shave his head ;) does that count as a cut??

    btw, good luck with the next two;)


  12. I never knew so many people were being home groomed, interesting and yes Rae it counts :)

    Plugging along !!!

  13. ok, i'm booking my appointment w/you you do color?!

    i know you well enough to know that "gumping" won't prevent you from getting back in the saddle again! yee haw!

  14. i love your husband's advice. it was just what i needed to hear this morning. thanks for sharing :)