Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Buenos Dias!

Buenos dias senoras y senoritas! I've been traveling though Mexico in my studio, through village squares with tiled fountains, the blacksmith shoeing the horses, women sweeping the packed earth in front of their casitas, the scent of masa escaping from the arched windows and doorways. I did a lot of traveling though Mexico when it was safer to visit and I have a million memories to infuse in silver. Let me introduce you to some of the fine ladies.........

"Carmelita" size 6 3/4 "the garden", faceted cushion cut prasolite

"Estrella" size 8 "the star" labradorite oval

the golden hour (sigh)

*sold You may have seen "Crescencia" and not known her name, size 8 3/4 "grow", "thrive" Peruvian Opal

The stone is the color of a shallow clear reef

*sold "La Purisima" ("the virgin") size 6 3/4 turquoise from Jerome AZ

My Catholic roots are part of who I am. I spent many hours listing to the mass in Latin, frankly most of those hours were spent feasting my eyes on the art in the church, the statues, the red votive candles, flickering in memory of a loved one.

la mission

*sold "Esperanza" ("hope") size 7/34 kingman turquoise

for we all know that........ "hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul"
*Emily Dickenson

I just finished reading "All the Pretty Horses" and enjoyed an amazing adventure to old Mexico.

and I let the monkey out, now I'm wondering where she's run off to..........

If you have questions regarding this work, send me a convo on etsy or an email otherwise look for them in my etsy shoppe sometime tomorrow.

Have a beautiful day mijas and thank you for visiting, xo Ro sarita


  1. Oh my dear sweet heavens....buenos dias, indeed!

    Churro, you outdid yourself here--these rings look like they're ready to burst into song.

    Laura, your hands are lovely. Rosarita, your talents sing glory!!! Blessings to the ladies who choose these....

    (Belle, behave yourself now.)

  2. Hello mi amiga and thank you:)
    Have you seen the monkey?

    xo Rita

    *yes, dear and lovely Laura!!!

  3. Oh LA LA Senorita ROsarita! Churro has carted to market some beauties for us to see! I felt carried away by your delightful description. Mucho, mucho Amore!

  4. He hee, Churro has been "rode hard and put up wet" can you tell I love a good western?

    xoxox Rita

  5. Snort! That monkey is SOMEthing. She wants a ring made with HER name, I'm sure....

  6. HA! hum, maybe a ring around her neck!

    She's riding Marty around, poor tiny doggie :)

    1. I bet I know who's the boss there. Be careful, Mart!!

  7. Exquisite!

    You let the monkey out... so we have to watch out? LOL


  8. I'm intrigued....where is that monkey? dreamy new work too!

  9. Beautiful rings Ro. Is that a twinkle I see in that monkey's eye??? Be keep a close eye on her, I think she is up to something.

  10. WOW!!! Inspired & inspiring gorgeous rings!!!! All of them!!! xoxoxo

  11. Beautiful work and a gorgeous presentation too! Xo's

  12. Lovely rings Ro!
    Your photography is brilliant.

    Silly monkey, playing hide and seek.
    : )

  13. Well, buenos dias to you too, Ro-sita!

    Everyone above is absolutely right....the rings are spectacular (good for you, quick & savvy shoppers!), and the rings look downright dreamy with your photography....oh, and Laura..."lovely Laura's" hands!!

    I know Belle's naughty, but she sure is cute in that last photo!!! :o)

    Sending love your way this day-- hope you have a wonder-filled one!!


  14. Oh Ro, you have outdone yourself! Fantastic!! I love very last one of them. The etching are superb...

  15. Those Rings Are So BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    xx Juli~