Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm working on some ambitious projects, these ladies will turn around tomorrow after I crown them with stones and shine them up a bit more.

I'n the mean time, the weather has been just right for walking so we took out under the oaks.

This canyon burned a few years back leaving dead wood, sculpture behind and the birds take full advantage.

A big and beautiful lupine incrusted with ice jewels.

brawny doggie :)

The fist blooming broom.
*sweet broom, invasive member of the pea family, an exotic, it smells wonderful though.

early paintbrush with her feet in snow

dudlea, mosses, lichens on the walls

A pretty slotted canyon along a chatty creek

delphinium with rosy cheeks

I found a wind fallen yucca which made quite a lovely baton in which to lead my little marching band.

Happy leap day to some of you and March 1 to you speedy ones, xo Ro

Monday, February 27, 2012

Finally Vettened

It's hard to accurately capture the rain in photos, how to convey the rich bouquet of scents that are brought forth during the blessed event not to mention the ever pleasing sound of everyting dripping, drumming on the roof, plop on the hardscape. It feels like that big sky closes in around your shoulders in a gargantuan hug, to me anyway.

I worked over the weekend which was pretty quiet as weekends go. I'm making more saddles, just because I feel like making them right now, I have more avenues I want to explore, more ideas I'd like to see come into fruition. I was humbled yesterday when I gumped a ring that was nearly finished, nothing like spending HOURS on a half melted piece of silver. I brought it in to show my husband who understands completely, having whole kiln loads of pottery fail in the last process. I tell you sometimes this kind of work will bring you to your knees but if I don't keep challenging myself, there would be no fun or stimulation in it either.

What to do? My husband always has good advise......"when something fails, make two more" I like that advise and I plan to follow it.

Sometimes you need to prove to yourself that you're capable, painful as it is..........

to get back on that mule.

Vetten def. ; I cut hair, people hair. I taught myself mostly by watching other hairdressers when I get mine cut. I don't really like cutting other peoples hair, it's a big responsibility but people like me to do it. Why, because they can sit in my garden and watch the hummingbirds while I snip. They don't have to sit inside smelling toxic chemical fumes while reading People Magazine under florecent lights. (now I want me to cut my hair :) One of my good friends is German and when I cut his hair he always asks if I would like him to "vetten" (wet) his head.

*off to make two more....

xo Ro

Saturday, February 25, 2012

On Concentration

It's awfully hard to concentrate with all this going on.........

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Valleys

I accomplished a great deal yesterday including work in my garden. One more rose is left to prune and fertilize, garden work is never complete in this sun belt, something always cries for attention. My blueberries are full of flowers and the citrus, mostly eaten now, needs to be fed, only the late blood oranges are left for juicing and to be used in salads.
I went for an early hike with my husband, Eric and my dog and doggie :) I finally got a good shot of the ever elusive flicker. click the link and take a listen, they have a wonderful jungly sound. Usually all I see is a flash of coppery wings and that white bunny rabbit tail but this was half of a pair, the other was inside the pole. They build their nests in dead wood and saguaro cactus, if you live where those giant cactus are plentiful.

Interactive, wheres Waldo picture, click it.....I see three deer, can you find them?

Two cresting the hill right where I'm headed, they will be long gone before I make it up there.

I went up to see if the red tail pair were nesting yet, they were not. They look like jail birds on this electric structure.

My ever happy and faithful helper Jo :)

We're hoping you get a chance to visit your valleys this weekend. Leaping over a weeks worth of mountain tops can be exhausting.

xo The Darrows

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Feverish


I must say, sometimes life just feels like it's too big for it's britches and keeping up with it, is a struggle. There are times when it feels like you're leaping from one mountain top to the other, and all you want to do is explore the valleys. Spring is in the air and my email seems to be ringing off the hook along with the real phone, I'm feeling the love and no, I'm not interested in attending my high school reunion :)
I made a couple of heavenly rings for etsy, all of my rings are a journey and these are no exception. I'm amazed by how accurately this peruvian opal depicts the sky, it's a wonderful, one of a kind (ooak:) stone and it needed just the right setting. I made her a little shrine which started off looking Spanish, like a lot of my work then..........

it took on a keen Tibetan look. I can feel the thunderous wind on the top of the Himalayan Range and hear the prayer flags tattered as they are, whipping, more strings being torn, happiness, longevity and prosperity becoming part of the universe.

*size 7 1/2

*mountain tops are a good place to be sometimes..

I created an homage to the celestial night sky using a pillowy shaped labradorite stone to depict the sky itself........

I added a crown of stars, a planet in the center.....

*size 8

The birds are feeling it, spring.......

This little warbler drying off after a plunge, note the willow catkins, some have already burst filling the air with fairy dust, more prayers sent on a breeze.

The sycamores are budding out......

and the bees are pausing at every buttery opening.

Exhibit A : This is a doggie standing next to a dog. Note the size and shape, doggies are smaller than some cats. I liken my little doggie to owning a pet squirrel, a squirrel with manners.

Pookie of the hills is feeling springy too, you should have seen him go......

and in case you're wondering, yes doggies can smile :)

Here I picked some pearly everlasting for you, breathe in.......ummmmmmmm
Happy e a r l y spring,
xo Ro

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Raven part 2

birds that love
high trees
and winds
and riding
flailing branches
hate ledges
as gripless
and narrow,
so that a tail
is not just
no advantage
but ridiculous
mashed vertical
against the wall.
You will have
seen the way
a bird who falls
on skimpy places
lifts into the air
again in seconds-
a gift denied
the rest of us
when our portion
isn't generous.

*Ledge by Kay Ryan

Raven feather is *here

xo Ro

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Raven

We've experienced the busiest of times over the last few days and it was a good thing I was feeling so energized, I needed it. I'm not going to go over the litany of things I did, blah, blah , blah, who cares :) but I did get some hiking, biking, working and a lot of visiting done. I was asked to make a Raven feather for a lovely lady so I made two, one for etsy, which I'll list tomorrow morning. I seemed to take forever but I did get my latest loot into my etsy shoppe and I want to thank all of you who spread the word with your etsy hearts, sometimes that's just how I find good stuff myself so I wanted to formally tell you how much I appreciate that.

I had a little mystic boulder opal in my collection and I thought the shape of the stone was just perfect on this ink black, raven feather.

I put an extender on the chain that starts at about 16 1/2 inches.......

with up to three more inches of opportunities.

I added a maquis cut iolite briolette in the back so the people behind you in line will be impressed. You can also wear your hair down and it will be our secret.

It got so dark by the time I met with Laura, my pictures reveald a mystic quality too in the dimming light.

Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents......... (sing it like Marilyn) and happy day off to some of you!
xo Ro

Saturday, February 18, 2012

on clouds

I'd have to be really quick
to describe clouds-
a split second's enough
for them to start being something else.

Their trademark:
they don't repeat a single
shape, shade, pose, arrangement.

Unburdened by memory of any kind,
they float easily over the facts.

What on earth could they bear witness to?
They scatter whenever something happens.

Compared to clouds,
life rests on solid ground,
practically permanent, almost eternal.

Next to clouds
even a stone seems like a brother,
someone you can trust,
while they're just distant, flighty cousins.

Let people exist if they want,
and then die, one after another:
clouds simply don't care
what they're up to down there.

And so their haughty fleet
cruises over your whole life
and mine, still incomplete.

They aren't obliged to vanish when we're gone.
They don't have to be seen while sailing on.

Clouds (Chmury) by Wislawa Szymborska

a poem for you for the weekend..xo Ro

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weeds etc.

tHe LoOt

I must first warn you I'm extremely hyper today, I'm have a deficit of attention because it's so beautiful on the outside, I want to do everything. Do you ever get that way?

I want to.....
walk over that whole mountain range and out to the desert
ride my bike
camp at Joshua Tree
finish pruning my roses
drive to New Mexico
turn the music up LOUD and dance

you get the idea, Ill sit at this computer a bit....

I love these and when I fished them I took them in and showed them to the fam. They thought they were arrowheads but they are actually the last section of dandelion leaves which are arrow shaped.

They have been domed and formed, darkened then brushed just on the edges for a bit of drama.

Lovely LaLa

Little scrub oak leaves dangle from toothy ruffle elements that include beautiful serpentine stones from Mexico.

domed, formed, forged

Common lambs quarters, a noxious weed perhaps, it is also a tasty green in salads or steamed and quite lovely fashioned from silver.

A glisteny, green, faceted lantern of peridot shines in the cleavage of the leavege :)


Size 6 3/4 narrow band

I made a toothy little bezel for this beautiful varasite droplet originating in Utah.

The stone ungulates green, like a cloudy sky seen through a green filter.

size 7 1/4 narrow band

I finished another feather ring, perfect for a writer or poet or a nature lover like you.

view 2

*sold size 7 1/4 narrow band

This one is a sUrPriSe and not in the first photo because I just finished it. It's a bit hard to photograph. The feather has been left black to resemble a raven feather and the background including the stars have been buffed silver, the stone is labradorite.

The raven feather will fit like this ring, however the feather and turquoise ring has been formed into a saddle shape and will wrap around your finger.

As I mentioned it is beautiful today, after I took all my jewelry pictures I went up in the hills and made a sunstone bracelet.........

and did more weed research.

Wow what a thistle, beautiful, and sharp, it reminds me of a sea turtle, the color and size.

Banjo of the weeds, a little windblown, looks onto a small deer herd.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve, you know how to find me. I'll be wiggling back to the computer every so often today to check messages.

The weeds etc. will make it to my etsy page as time allows, within the next couple of days.

*Bryce is listening to Japanese surf music, no lie, go to you tube, Takeshi Terawchi Nippon Guitar, Japanese Surf, it'll get your heart thumping, no need for caffeine.

Xo, Ro and Jo