Sunday, January 8, 2012

See Jack Run

I'm hopping away too, this time to Arizona, to shop for stones, I'll be back mid week and will leave my etsy shoppe open. In the mean time, do good work and I'll see you when I return. I'm looking forward to settling into my studio and putting the designs I have floating around in my brain, down in silver.

Love, Ro and Jack (ie?)


  1. i wish i was hopping along on that shopping trip with you!
    keep "ME" in mind when selecting your trove of turquoise...
    keep me in mind.

  2. See Jack Run

    See Rochelle Shop


    Have a great time....I love picturing you meeting all the interesting colorful folks too!

    Happy trails with love ♥

  3. Run Jack Run
    Run Ro Run
    bring back sun
    bring back stones
    bring back love!

  4. I hope you find a field of gorgeous stones to continue to spark your imagination...your work always creates a space of natural loveliness~



  5. Heeheeeheeee, you all are word artists today!

    I'm justing loving that gigantic heart stone Jack showed you, Ro....

    Have a splendid time--can't wait to see your new treasures!!

  6. a jackelope!!! oh I wish I were going there too...make sure to pick a lovely one for Nancy xx

  7. Happy stone hunting! I love the ears on a jack rabbit.

  8. If i were gnome size I'd have to ask Jack to be my Steed! :)

  9. I did, I did come home with a pocket full of AZ turquoise Nancy.
    I think your wishes helped, that's some good ju ju ! :)

    Thank you Lisa, they are the sweetest most genuine people you'll ever meet. xoxo

    I did it all Deb, all of the above ! xo

    Aww thank you Adrienne for your sweet wishes.........xoxo

    You still can Mona........jackalope! Those Jacks are fascinating, they look like spare parts, part deer, part coyote, part bunny, taped together and painted desert color......I have Nancy's back :)

    Me too, the better to hear you with Sandi, they serve as a cooling devise as well. xoxo

    I love that image Sue or maybe Barbie's friend Midge, we could dress you in buckskin, with fringe...........xoxo

  10. CAROLINE! Don't you love that rock, desert sculpture!! xoxo