Friday, January 27, 2012

The Huntington

An afternoon at The Huntington...........

I met my husband and Paul, my father-in-law at the Huntington Library in San Marino to see "The House That Sam Built."

The gardens are beautiful, no matter what time of year something is always blooming, camellias in every color and combination are showy this time of year. The trees were festooned with hundreds of red and gold silk lanterns in celebration of Chinese New Year.....the lantern festival.

We made our way to the museum and found Paul's paintings amongst his friends and colleague's work, some shown posthumously, some of the artists are still creating in their advanced age.

*Art; If you are among the chosen, it is what you do, how you express yourself, it is not a choice, it's a way of viewing and arranging the world around us, it's a form of therapy. It always tugs and pulls and seduces, it's how you live your life. My husband refers to it as "the curse" I suppose because you spend a lot of time trying to satisfy yourself, much like addiction, you never really are satisfied, it always has you wanting, needing, to do more, to challenge yourself to push the boundaries of ability...... that's my interpretation anyways.

carved wood figure by James Hueter

sumptuous wood by Sam Maloof

painting by Susan Hertel

*Banjo! :)

painting Roger Kuntz

I have to say, I love it when museums allow photography even if the low light was challenging.

Eric explaining pottery techniques.
Ceramics by Harrison McIntosh

settee Sam Maloof,
painting Karl Benjamin

This one is just right.....

and we made our way back through the corridors of statuary.......

Beyond "Diana" and her whippet.....

We lunched near the Magnolias..

beneath the phoebe in the swirly tree...

and made our way out.....

If you are a local, I highly recommend a visit, time is running out.........

I hopped on the crowded freeway and wondered if auto designers are intentionally making cars that look menacing?

*taking pictures while driving, don't try this at home :)

I've been pulled in all sorts of directions lately but I'm seeing the green pasture on the other side of my custom work and commitments so I hope to present new things on my etsy pages soon.

Have a wonderfilled weekend, loverly ladies

xo Ro


  1. hiya
    looks like
    you passed
    a super
    and i agree
    with your
    'the curse'
    (love the
    little birdie
    in the
    coily tree)


    1. Love that exotic coily tree too whatever it is ????


  2. Fabulous post! Loved being able to see part of the show this way, and that tulip tree, what a beauty.
    I walked out in the living room the other day and there was a phoebe staring at me from the floor, it flew up and around and out the slider. I keep all the windows and doors open so get birds sometimes but thats the first phoebe for me.

    1. It's part of the "Pacific Standard Time" shows, thanks for tagging along :)

      They come in my studio too but never a phoebe, sweet!


  3. Oh lovely, I love that Sam Malouf....have a great weekend Ro! xx

    1. You should come over so we can go to his house sometime, you'd love it.


  4. What a great way to spend the day. I loved your pictures, and I really appreciated how you put *Art*.
    Its so very true and spot on.
    My Malouf was an amazing, amazing wood artist. How blessed you were to know him!
    very, very special post!
    you are so cute in the chair that fits just right!
    hee hee

    1. It was fun, I love to go there alone because I can cover more ground, the gardens are amazing!

      Oh yes I think that chair was just right!

      :0 :)

  5. I love the pictures...especially the lanterns in the trees and the magnolias...looks like a great place to visit.

  6. Those lanterns were beautiful,'s a lovely place.

    The original Pinkie and Blue Boy live there :), really.....

    Have a good weekend Sandi

  7. Happy weekend, Ro!

    And thank you for taking us all along on your trip :o).

    We never know what we will find when we stop in! Everything from bloomin' camellias to angry autos!! I love it.


    1. It was a good one Lisa, busy too ;)

      thank you for joining along ....


  8. What a great post Ro, thanks!
    Not only do i love viewings, but i love the actual buildings that house the collections. Same thing with libraries. Books, artifacts, paintings, . . . they are so lucky ;)
    Have a wonderfilled weekend yourself!

    1. I did Rae, filled with wonder, stuffed with good :)

      Oh it's a lovely place to visit, indeed!


  9. So beautiful and inspiring.. Wish I lived closer. I would also love to wander the grounds.

    Happy Monday to all.

  10. You would love it Dovely, they have an incredible cactus collection, when they bloom it's over the top, amazing!

    Happy Monday to you!!