Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty Below Sea Level

Having filled most of the holiday requirements left me feeing a bit low in the tank of inspiration, a bit of the post holiday sky blues, I suppose. It was time to go out and seek stardom so we skedadled.....

*Whitney range to the left including Mt Whitney, the highest peak in the continuos U.S. , view of the former and grand Owens Lake, water diverted to quench Los Angeles, now a salt flat borax mine, see China Town the movie. Good news water is being diverted back into the lake, The flip flop thinking of our society.

It's a long way from Yorkshire, "Mart" casts his shadow on the desert floor.

A sculptural Joshua Tree thusly named by Mormon settlers, the tree is actually a type of yucca.

After a full day of travel we wedged ourselves into Mesquite Springs amongst the throngs of campers (tongue in cheek)

I went out shooting rabbits.........................with my camera.

When you see Jack he will nearly always view you from behind, getting ready to launch.

And the sun sets were beautiful

Titus canyon with miles of steep rock walls had me feeling a bit......


"Martler" in pouch :)

There is a lot to see

each view changes..

in the shifting light

Blue mountains beyond the maar known to the Timbisha Shoshone, as "Wosa" coyotes burden basket, a place where the people emerged to spread in four directions across the land.

Moon and hoodoos in Darwin Canyon.

In the early hours of the morning, moon made its slow decent behind the bluffs and sharp scoured peaks. The wind began to moan causing the creosote and brittlebush to rattle and chatter.
Outside enclosed in my sleeping bag drawn up like a cocoon, I kept it tightened around my head to keep the wind from sweeping my brains to a foreign land, Marty inside on my stomach, a warm puddle.We lay on our backs in the cold looking up to the night sky so crammed with stars it played tricks on our eyes making us believe dawn was coming though morning was still very far away. The big dipper perched upside down looked like a serpent in striking position. We watched the stars streak across that wide sky, some fast, some slowly, some with bright tails that lingered. When I watch the sky on meteor nights, I always think I'm watching a giant chess board, some pieces being moved a square or two, some sweeping the whole board. Checkmate came around 5 when I could no longer stand the cold. We climbed into the shelter of our truck bed and slept until light.

I came home with a million desert views and a pocket filled with questions regarding interesting plants and indigenous people, the goings on before modern living made things so accessible and sped life up the way it is.

Keep a fire burning in your eye. Pay attention to the open sky.
*Jackson Browne]

Thank you for joining me along the Death Valley Trail
xoxo dusty Ro


  1. Ahhhhhh there!!!! How absolutely WONDERFUL that you were able to enjoy such peace after such a hectic month. OOOH, love the pictures...and your description of Marty as a puddle of warmth I so understand! You went to Death Valley the best time of the year! how fantastic!
    lots, and lots of hugs!
    soaring with you through the valleys and hill tops

  2. Ro,
    ever consider publishing a photo book of all your amazing moments?? thanks again for bringing the beauty to me. <3 rae.

  3. Ahhh Ro...beautiful...the desert shows its beauty only to those who venture in! Thank you for sharing. I have to look up Titus Canyon. xx

  4. some of my favorite places, love the badlands and owens river (which is replenished complete with trout!). glad you were able to make a getaway. lovely.

  5. Beautiful pictures looks so peaceful.

  6. Wonderful adventure- such interesting shapes.

  7. Hey dusty Ro,

    Thanks for taking the trouble to share these great photos. We can live vicariously through you!!

    Welcome back :o)

  8. Hi Deb,
    It was a lovely trip a to profoundly beautiful place, a good place to find peace. xoxoxox

    Well thats very sweet Rae but I'm not sure it's bookworthy, thank you so much though for suggesting it.

    You're right Mona, gotta go and look to really see, so many interesting places to see in DV we barely scratched the surface.ox

    Me too Lori, I love it there, that's why I like your blog so much.

    It;s wonderful Sandi, I miss it already though a shower was pretty amazing after wearing three days of dust.

    Thank you Shark, thanks for reading..

    Oh boy Lisa, dusty is an understatement, seriously I think my jeans could have stood up on their own :) You can buy a shower in DV by lottery but not close to where we were and I didn't feel like fighting for one :) It sure makes you appreciate the creature comforts but I LOVE being away from them and focusing elsewhere, feeling the cold and wind, the dust and the warmth makes me feel connected.
    It's my pleasure to share.........
    ps I journaled in in my rodeo papers :) xoxoxoxox

  9. That's awesome. Isn't it amazing how incredibly *wonderful* a simple shower can feel? Thanks for the p.s. -- good to know!

    P.S. Here's a p.s. for you. I loved<3 your "claustrophobic" photo ...heehee!

  10. What?

    Hey....... just noticed your new jewels!!! Gorgeous, m'dear!


  11. Ha haa Lisa, I really was, after about a mile I was thinking of earthquakes and wanted outa there :) :)

    Thank you, I finally am getting some work done and added to my little shoppe. xoxo

  12. I'm with Songbird on the "Claustrophobic" moment--made me laugh!!!

    Incredible photos, Ro--makes me want to visit. The meteors sounded so lovely--set the clock to get up for them here after moonset, but by then a thin layer of clouds had moved in, blocked all but the very brightest stars--good to hear YOU enjoyed them!!!

    Lovely new ring adornments, too--these tell stories!!

  13. I'll trade you...
    cement canyon
    for a Titus!?!


  14. I love your description of NYC Nancy, maybe we should just go to Titus together, I wouldn't know what to wear in cement one.


  15. The photos are certainly inspiring. I live amongst trees, and the vast landscape feels like a breath of fresh air to me! I am glad you only shot the hare with the CAMERA!