Monday, January 30, 2012

Senorita Rings

I had a very good weekend which included breaking tortillas with friends, getting a lot of work accomplished and going on a ten mile mountain bike ride with my brother. We rode up the hills and draws, we rode out deer and bursts of quail in what felt like an early spring day. I haven't ridden in a long time and I was afraid I would be sore today but I just hiked Banjo and I feel really good with the exception of being a little saddle sore :)
My poor husband is now the one with the sore throat from hell, fever, aches. I'm hoping I don't get it. This virus is a creeper, it seems to take a long time before it crawls inside but it's deep rooted and once it has you, it's a tough one to shake.

I'm making senorita rings , the first one finished here is a beautiful girl hosting a Peruvian Opal square but there are more on the way.

It's time for the Churro to stop playing with that naughty little monkey and get back to the job I hired him on to do.
*New rings previewed here on Wednesday.

Until then, do good work and keep a smile in your heart.
xo Ro

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Huntington

An afternoon at The Huntington...........

I met my husband and Paul, my father-in-law at the Huntington Library in San Marino to see "The House That Sam Built."

The gardens are beautiful, no matter what time of year something is always blooming, camellias in every color and combination are showy this time of year. The trees were festooned with hundreds of red and gold silk lanterns in celebration of Chinese New Year.....the lantern festival.

We made our way to the museum and found Paul's paintings amongst his friends and colleague's work, some shown posthumously, some of the artists are still creating in their advanced age.

*Art; If you are among the chosen, it is what you do, how you express yourself, it is not a choice, it's a way of viewing and arranging the world around us, it's a form of therapy. It always tugs and pulls and seduces, it's how you live your life. My husband refers to it as "the curse" I suppose because you spend a lot of time trying to satisfy yourself, much like addiction, you never really are satisfied, it always has you wanting, needing, to do more, to challenge yourself to push the boundaries of ability...... that's my interpretation anyways.

carved wood figure by James Hueter

sumptuous wood by Sam Maloof

painting by Susan Hertel

*Banjo! :)

painting Roger Kuntz

I have to say, I love it when museums allow photography even if the low light was challenging.

Eric explaining pottery techniques.
Ceramics by Harrison McIntosh

settee Sam Maloof,
painting Karl Benjamin

This one is just right.....

and we made our way back through the corridors of statuary.......

Beyond "Diana" and her whippet.....

We lunched near the Magnolias..

beneath the phoebe in the swirly tree...

and made our way out.....

If you are a local, I highly recommend a visit, time is running out.........

I hopped on the crowded freeway and wondered if auto designers are intentionally making cars that look menacing?

*taking pictures while driving, don't try this at home :)

I've been pulled in all sorts of directions lately but I'm seeing the green pasture on the other side of my custom work and commitments so I hope to present new things on my etsy pages soon.

Have a wonderfilled weekend, loverly ladies

xo Ro

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deer Enthusiast

I'm not a sports fan, I don't watch games on television or listen on the radio, I watched professional tennis for a short time when my son was playing but it just doesn't interest me. I play my own sport which I made up recently since the rattlesnakes are asleep and the tick count seems to be low this winter. I go out on the narrow animal trails, I'm a deer enthusiast and a coyote fan, I also root for Bob..

I started on the deer trail at the top of this ridge the other day and followed it quite a ways down, but I was afraid to get stuck so I turned around and climbed back up the steep hills and back down the proper trail.

With the company of my husband I tried it again....

* I should show a picture of my husband here, you can imagine him standing next to me, obviously Banjo is in front.

With scant little rain this winter the new grasses are very short which is not good for grazing but it is an opportunity for walking off the beaten track.


Have you ever been to a new city or someplace fantastic like the Grand Canyon, you're in a gawking group and the first person stops, then everyone runs into each other, well, the same thing happens with deer....

We were trying to get down to this little meadow but the bushes were too thick and the crevasse too steep. I'm sure my husband could have somehow managed it but it was wet and muddy and no matter what trail we took it seemed to always end in an impossible situation, we are clearly not deer so we climbed back up to the ridge and walked the backbone.


Which revealed stunning views like the city under covers.

We found pretty, prickly things

We took the long way around but finally made it to our grassy destination.

Maybe I should make some felt pennants with deer and coyotes on them to hang on our studio walls or over our bunk beds........well wait you can probably find them somewhere already on et- sea.

Have a lovely day Deers, xo rah rah Ro

Monday, January 23, 2012

and the winner IS..............

WOOPSIE! It was such a pretty day I forgot my blog.... I only remembered when I was out shooting pictures of the sage.

Names went into the hat.......

Deb!! is the LUCKY winner :) :) Congratulations Deb and thank you everyone who participated by voting for Cogito, the band really appreciates your support.

For a chance to win a gorgeous pendant visit my generous friend Sue who's hosting a contest on her blog Dala Horse, you may get lucky there or maybe I will......

xo Ro

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feelin' Lucky?...You Can WIN!

Well who couldn't use more luck I ask you? My son's band is trying to win a competition on Facebook. If you are a facebook user please vote here for Cogito, the boys are trying to win a chance at a free music video and a few other perks. I created the luckiest earrings I could conjure including an upturned horseshoe to keep the luck from running out and a four leaf clover in the middle, the brios are red coral.

*it says you can cast one vote each day, vote and leave a note for more chances.

If you cast a vote leave your name on my blog for one chance to win. If you link my blog to yours, you get three chances (leave a note here stating 3 ) The voting ends on Monday, I'll draw the name Monday evening.

Good Luck.Ro..gito ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lively Up Yourself

Despite the curve balls thrown here lately it seems like nothin gonna get me down, oh no. Though my etsy has dwindled in fine goods, I am happily tapping away in my studio on custom work, largely with orders I took at Christmas and it's fun to see the looks on women's faces when they come to retrieve their goodies. In the middle of this and that, I finished a piece for etsy with a little turquoise trillion I snatched up in AZ last week. The stone is from Jerome Arizona historically known for it's copper mining past.

This is the time of year to be thinking about hearts and flowers so I made them my way, with a taste of the west. With a bit of dust and sagebrush in mind.

I made this darlin' valentine on a 24 in. chain so you can look down and admire it too.

Available now or on etsy tomorrow evening....
Thanks for looking, xo Ro

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


feeding * flying

xo Ro