Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun and Funny

It's always fun when work is gratifying, by that I mean work that pleases me. If it calls to you well then that's a bonus but I largely work to satisfy my own craving. I was happy to have my craving back which was achieved with a lot of walking and talking to friends. I love a brooch, I love to wear them gift them and make them, they're like little paintings, so clean without chains straps or bands, soon it will be glorious scarf season :) The stone is a really lovely specimen of Burro Creek Jasper from Arizona. This material has become scarce and expensive.

*Brooch can be found here

While walking along an alder strewn creek I found piles of skeletonized leaves picked clean by a tiny shiny black beetle that sheens green. (must look it up) The veins were in tact only so I stuffed some in my pouch and transferred them onto silver.


click to enlarge; Cone head momma still in bed this a.m. They were a sleepy bunch, I had already walked an hour when I found them in their bedroom.

Have a fun/funny weekend, love, Ro

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Touching Today

The days are nouns: touch them
The hands are churches that worship the world

*Naomi Shihab Nye

Wishing you all the blessings a day can bring........xo Ro

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Apathetic Season

And so it was, that we found one of the most stunning retreats, with ripening rose hips, currants, the scent of bay leaves and damp humus and a rushing stream.

storms waxed

and waned

Eric fished for delicacies and I read my books

the food was top notch

the aspens kept a careful watch

In the evening a lone owl assisted us with the underground news.

leaves chattered by day, excited by sudden breezes......

while hawks knowing just where they were headed winged swiftly away.

Autumn is an apathetic season here, as desperate as sprig is to arrive autumn is a heel dragger when it comes to the party. I'm sitting with my memories feeling a bit apathetic as well to be truthful. Life isn't always a bowl of cherries and anyone that tries to have you believe that it's so is a good editor. I have nothing to complain about but everyone is thin in spirit sometimes, I'm just being truthful.
As penance instead of working rosary beads through my fingers, I've been sawing leaves.

*the leaves are on what is called a "bench pin". In the studio it's where all the action takes place, it's ugly and pock marked and the most useful piece of equipment a metal smith can own.

And pairing them up for earrings such as the currant and garnet's above.

The aspens came out positively atomic and mid century modern, I wonder how that happened?

So I've been out walking and following bear tracks, at least the bears are keeping the calendar date in order, maybe I'll find one at the end of the prints and send you a picture.

Thank you for taking a moment to drop by, Love Ro

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Signs Along the Way

he heee :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

for the weeks end

The Enigma We Answer by Living

Einstein didn't speak as a child
waiting till a sentence formed and
emerged full-blown from his head.

I do the thing, he later wrote, which
nature drives me to do. Does a fish
know the water in which he swims?

This came up in conversation
with a man I met by chance,
friend of a friend of a friend,

who passed through town carrying
three specimen boxes of insects
he'd collected in the Grand Canyon—

one for mosquitoes, one for honeybees,
one for butterflies and skippers,
each lined up in a row, pinned and labeled,

tiny morphologic differences
revealing how adaptation
happened over time. The deeper down

he hiked, the older the rock
and the younger
the strategy for living in that place.

And in my dining room the universe
found its way into this man
bent on cataloguing each innovation,

though he knows it will all disappear—
the labels, the skippers, the canyon.
We agreed then, the old friends and the new,

that it's wrong to think people are a thing apart
from the whole, as if we'd sprung
from an idea out in space, rather than emerging

from the sequenced larval mess of creation
that binds us with the others,
all playing the endgame of a beautiful planet

that's made us want to name
each thing and try to tell
its story against the vanishing.

* Alison Hawthorne Deming
Have a good weekend all ♡ Ro

Thursday, September 22, 2011

good JUnK

I'm sure most of you are the same way, collecting bits from your trips "souvenirs" a word that feels rather out of date now. When I was little souvenir shops were so much fun with all that kitsch, I'm sure I would have longed for a tiny birch bark canoe and I must have gotten lucky at times because I remember a sailor hat with cherries embroidered on it stating that "Life is a Bowl of Cherries" which I didn't actually get the gist of (maybe I still don't). My mother was fond of warding of heat stroke with hats so me and my two sisters rode a ferry boat to somewhere all with silly matching hats. (we were proud of them :) I also had a leather beaded belt that read Mackinaw Island (the anglo spelling) and since I was probably about nine I promptly grew our of it, (bad choice). The word souvenir means remembrance or memory, so my memories sit around on window ledges and such, rocks, bones, nests and feathers, pods, leaves and the like. My girlfriend was worrying about who was going to inherit her stuff ( a funny worry to me, who cares) Just throw my junk back outside from whence it came I said. I'm getting rambly here, yesterday I didn't feel like talking so I didn't m u c h.

Queen of the Silver Dollar

What I'm getting at is the inspiration for my new pieces, little bits of this and that, collections, this one surrounding a pearl heart. I need better pictures, the pearl actually looks like silver but it sheens pink lying down which is the only position I currently have pictures in.

I was reticent to blog these because I don't have pictures with Laura yet, but what the hay, I like to show you what I'm doing.

I love this piece and she's the Queen of the Silver Dollar about the same diameter as the actual coin, shabby in all the right ways, I'd have to say.


Growing Turquoise

I planted a turquoise and it started to sprout. It would be nice if it was that easy, squirrels running off with blue stained mouthes. I don't know what's gotten into me, maybe it's remembering that cherry hat, I must find out if my sisters remember it since I am the oldest.

organically grown

Diana size 8

We found a road that lead to a river that we walked the banks of, as we had not been there before we were intrigued, it was an adventure. The river cut lower and lower into a slot canyon with beautiful rock formations. Under one high jutting cluster of rocks I found a boneyard, tiny rodent bones bleached white, a tremendous assortment below a wonderful safe ledge with a convenient overhang where some bird of prey made a fat living. I just love finding clues as to the comings and goings of quiet places.


*Sold Moonstruck 7 3/4

You should know by now how much I love the moon, I'm sure you do too, there was a full one tangling in the Ponderosas, peeking in and out of pink clouds, the whole thing mirrored in the lake.

it's true I'll show you the pictures :)


Raven size 8

That bold black bird of the desert breaking the silence with its call. I love his dark silhouette in the sky, standing on a rock, in a stark tree, watching them tumble in pairs, life mates. sighhhhhhh


good JuNk!

Wishing you all good things today, a bowl of cherries :) xoxo Ro

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Quiet

This is what I'm currently working on. I'm enjoying creating bits of this and that, pods, moons, stars, suns, bleached bones, raindrops, a bits blue of sky peeking through the clouds. I snapped a few branches from the brambly tumbleweeds we dodged in our truck and dangled them below these really gorgeous "Open Range" beauties.

Open Range

Everyone here is back to work, back to school, I've signed on for several jewelry classes, the first was on Saturday all day and nearly two hours on the road. Eric has started back in production, he works at night til the wee morning hours. I'm enjoying my work so much I spent too many hours in my studio yesterday without realizing it. When I came in Eric had a batch of broccoli soup already on, Y U M eee!, leave out the cheese and olive oil for lower calories, this soup is simple and delicious, we serve it with rustic bread and a glass of red wine for a meal.

I'm sitting in the quiet wondering what you are up to, I'm reading The Bean Trees and
The Poisonwood Bible both are by Barbara Kingsolver and enjoying them both. During the day I visit Africa and in the evening I go to Tucson and visit a young girl trying to find her way. What are you reading, what's capturing your imagination?

Every Tuesday I have a lunch date with two elderly friends, it all started because I knew them both very well but they didn't know each other. Both have lost their husbands who were the love of their lives, both married their high school sweethearts. I thought they would start doing things together and I would bow out but I must say I enjoy their company as much as they enjoy each other and I'm curious to see what they've been up to since I missed the last two lunches.

I'm off to a morning in my studio, picking up where I left off, building, tiny pretty things in the quiet, listening to my imagination.


Monday, September 19, 2011

In the High Desert

When the rain and hail threatened to wash us away up on the mountain we drove down to the desert to have a look around. It's always nice to have so many options I must admit. The rain at the lake was beautiful bliping the water into a million trampolines, washing the mosquitos away, the smell of wood fires, still the desert holds so much especially when it's cool and cloudy.


rolled and rolled above us, cut a gorgeous silhouette in the clouds

Thunder grumbled in the distance, we knew rain was headed our way as we walked through the rabbit and brittlebush scuffed sage which became our scent. We collected pumice which we share and use, looked for red flecked obsidian, junk. We watched for rattlers and saw so much deer and antelope scat it must have been a sight when they were all there playing. Try not to sing :)

desert protection :)

rock formations des art!

Eric just had to climb around, he said he was looking for petroglyphs


our little desert abode, truck bed

junipero (juniper)


I'm in my studio creating some new relics today, wonderful junk. I hope you have a good and productive day too.

xoxo Ro
*where seldom is heard a discouraging word, but sometimes the skies are cloudy all day.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Season Peaches

Grapes grow up a difficult and
sloped terrain. A soft line of poplars
shimmer in the disappearing light.
At midnight, the poor move
into the train stations of Italy,
spread out blankets for the children,
and pretend to the police they have tickets
and are waiting for a train.

The statue of Bacchus is a contrast
with his right hand holding a shallow but
wine-brimming cup. His left hand
reaches easily into the cornucopia
where grapes ripen and burst open.
It is a vivid dream: to wake
from the statue's grace and life force
to the suffering in the streets.

But the truth is the cornucopia
is open to all who are alive,
who look and feel the world in
its pristine beauty -- as a dragonfly
hovering in the sunlight over clear
water; and who feel the world
as a luminous world -- as green plankton
drifting at night in the sea.

*The Corucopia by Arthur Sze