Friday, July 29, 2011

Every Picture Tells a Story

Have a great weekend all.
xo Ro and Jo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue Belle's Excited

She climbed around yesterday doing her usual monkey business while I worked.

I made two more wrist belts........

and listed them on etsy's world market.

I hope your day is a barrel of monkeys! xo Ro and Blue

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belt Buckles

*sold Summer
I've spent a lot of time in Wyoming lately. I went here and here and then I went here. I've had the desire for the longest time to make belt buckles so I did, for your arm.

Summer usually involves picking berries, purple fingers and tongues under a blue sky all the while keeping an eye out for bear. I used to tell my son when he was little "that's why they call them berries" I'm going to custom size these cuffs with a snap closure to fit just you.

*sold Cowgirl Up

One of my favorite lines in "Colton" was "Cowgirl up Cupcake" which means stay strong, keep a stiff upper lip, no whining. I guess this is my version of the yellow rubber bracelet :)

*sold Berries and Blooms

This is another more affordable version of "Summer" without the turquoise.

I'm making some collage pedants, hunting this and gathering that then putting them together like bouquets or still lifes. I made a few ceramic charms with leaf imprints to add to the mix. Work is going well but Laura is busy so I'll show them after I get a chance to take pictures with her.

I need a vacation but I'm trying to hold out, how about you?
* I think everybody should get a sabbatical don't you?

Thanks for traveling to these parts today, xoxox Rodeo Ro

Monday, July 25, 2011


My tiny friend Blue Belle has been following me everywhere lately, she's a talker so I've resorted to ear buds out in my studio. I just nod and smile not wishing to be impolite, blah, blah blah. I asked her if she could keep a secret. I'm working on some new pieces that I'll show on Wednesday.


Naturally she couldn't...
xoxox ro & blue
*it's too hot for capitol letters

Friday, July 22, 2011

Here's to the week ending as it always seems to do.

The commonplace miracle:
that so many common miracles take place.

The usual miracles:
invisible dogs barking
in the dead of night.

One of many miracles:
a small and airy cloud
is able to upstage the massive moon.

Several miracles in one:
an alder is reflected in the water
and is reversed from left to right
and grows from crown to root
and never hits bottom
though the water isn't deep.

A run-of-the-mill miracle:
winds mild to moderate
turning gusty in storms.

A miracle in the first place:
cows will be cows.

Next but not least:
just this cherry orchard
from just this cherry pit.

A miracle minus top hat and tails:
fluttering white doves.

A miracle (what else can you call it):
the sun rose today at three fourteen a.m.
and will set tonight at one past eight.

A miracle that's lost on us:
the hand actually has fewer than six fingers
but still it's got more than four.

A miracle, just take a look around:
the inescapable earth.

An extra miracle, extra and ordinary:
the unthinkable
can be thought.

Miracle Fair
Wislawa Szymborska
*for all of you and especially my friend in Poland, have a good weekend.
xo Ro

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's New in the Garden?

I've had several visitors to my garden the past couple of weeks and everyone asks the same question, "what's that?"

From it's beautiful cut leaves and vibrant red flowers that beckon all hummingbirds.

Its common name is Cardinal Climber (ipomoea sloteri) it's an easy to grow morning glory and a fun addition to the garden. I planted mine right outside my studio window to watch the birds. There's a goldfinch on the rusty support, see it. If it's not too late where you live, look for seeds or get some for next year, I think you'll love it too.

Happy gardening, xo Ro

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hunter Gatherer

I thought I'd show you what I carry when I hike in the morning because Laura sewed me a new gathering pouch. She made it to my specifications, now I don't have to carry nests and pods as well as a leash or two along with my camera. Everting I need includes; pepper spray which I've only had to use once with a charging, deranged Malamute. I mostly keep it for strange people I might encounter, I'm less afraid of the animals they have always been predictable. I have encountered every large predator and have never been harmed, they always trot off or amble away. I have a tiny air horn to ward off bears or to signal in case I fall off a cliff. Bears don't want me and so far and I've never fallen off a cliff just to set the record straight. I keep a small scrawling pad and pen in case I get a bright idea. It's hard to keep them in your brain sometimes when there's a lot of action, each turn is a new opportunity, sometimes your thought bubbles pop too fast. Laura sewed in two pockets, one large and a smaller one. I keep greeting cards in them to press feathers, flowers or leaves to keep their shape. I keep a zip lock for damp things or trash I may want to remove but by far my most valuable, can't live without item is my tiny fold up umbrella. It has saved me from scorching heat, rain, hail and has warded off many an unfriendly dog.

It really weighs nothing at all and now everything is organized and at my fingertips.

I made two pairs of prehnite Hunter Gatherer earrings, this one is called going light and a scaled down version of the pair below. You can find them here.

These beauties are the original Hunter Gatherers and are found here.

Have a super duper day, smile a lot, then a little more, you'll get some back too, really.
xoxox Ro

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Two Things

New rings took the b a r t (in this case burro cart) to The Gallery...........

A wise old owl sat in an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren't we more like that wise old bird?

Thank you so much for your purchases, I am most appreciative.
xo Ro

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Rings bac k waRD s bLog

#1 size 71/4

Leaves of two, oaks of course bracket this little chunk of turquoise oh so tenderly.



#2 size 7

An Oregon sunstone is the center of attention and just the right color for this earthy creation.

The band is highly textured of course.


*sold #4 size 8 will fit like a 7 1/2 (should be #3 but it's staying 4)

A lemon prehnite stone which is a close cousin to the prehnite most of you are used to only this one has a slight yellow hue.

She's studded with oak leaves as well.


*sold #3 size 9

Tall in the saddle #3 wears a faceted prehnite teardrop "she's a beaut" to quote my girlfriend.

lots of pretty textures......

all the way around......

I should have just listed these on etsy (second thoughts inner dialogue)

# 5 size 8

She has a clear carnelian stone and an unpretentious wreath of leaves.

A little wrap around band securely soldered.

What was I thinking listing these all on one blog (sharing inner dialogue) :(

#6 size 8.25

This blog is reading somewhat backwards but oh well.

This baby is a salute to the oak woodlands that are present in much of our Mediterranean landscape, I nestled in a royston turquoise, the shape of a little boulder.

I have overlaid the band with leaves that I created myself.....


and patterned the other side with an impression. This is the positive and negative aspect I referred to in a former blog post.

She's reading a field guide.

*sold #7 size 81/2
Let's play a game while I list remember Thing one and Thing two? I'm going to number my rings and you can name them.

This one is lucky 7 since it will end up last and so it will go, please excuse any long pauses as the house falls apart and somebody knocks on the door :)
This sweet ring features a beautiful flashy Oregon sunstone.

While some are making em big I'm going small cause that's the way I am. I patterned the band with oak leaves.

I'm thinking shade this time of year, leaves shouldn't have to be celebrated only in the fall. The band looks like richly tooled leather.

She's a darling and matches Laura's beautiful locks.

Please let me know if there are sizes I'm missing. I was finding it hard to size these wide rings but I finally figured it out.

earlier today.....
This may take a while :)

I'm editing photo's and retaking pictures, I have the coffee pot on and I'm trying to get everything measured. I must say I take exception to the one and only choice of "vacation mode" on etsy it felt good to hang up and drive but I was not sitting idle. My husband is away trout fishing and I'm so happy he's enjoying but he helps out a great deal around here so frankly I was overwhelmed. I'm going to start adding rings to my blog two at a time. The tall carnelian to the left is an order for a friend and the turquoise in the center is also spoken for. Thank you for your interest and your friendship it really is what keeps me afloat.

xo kookaroo Ro

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saddle Up

Saddle up there's a wagon due in tomorrow...........
xo Churro (the hard working burro)

* I almost forgot to tell you my Sunday joke.

A three legged dog with wild eyes walks into the bar and says, "I'm lookin' for the man that shot my paw"

par um pump! xoxo