Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two for Today


Top of the Wednesday to you. Here are the next two dreamboats for your consideration. I bought this stone two years ago from my favorite stone guy in Arizona, he travels to Quartzite from Idaho. Unfortunately last year our paths never crossed, I emailed him only to find out that his truck broke down somewhere in the desert and our timing didn't work out. This is the last of his stones and I'm hoping to find him again in January, I love his impeccable work. This is a beautiful wildhorse picture jasper from his own claim.

I created silver verbena leaves, patterned in the front by hand and patterned the backs of each leaf with the leaves I found along the creek.

lanky loveliness

leaves to swing and and sway and play a little music.


Maidenhair includes a moody labradorite stone from Canada, it changes from gray to shazam whenever the feeling is right. The silver north star was added to help guide you on your way.


silver maidenhair leaves, forged and formed, patterned front and back.


If you have any questions or would like to reserve a piece, send me a note. Thanks for stopping by to take a peek.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I'm not such a lover of the color pink unless it pertains to roses and clouds then I make an exception.

I'm off to get ready for the window cleaner, nothing like a home show to prod you in to shining things up. I chopped back the currants under the living room windows last night so Nacho could squeegee without harm. Our natives are beginning to come alive again and that one can be deadly with spines, treble hooks and barbs. It also has delicate nodding fuchsia like flowers and delicious fruit.

Wishing a wonder-filled Wednesday to you all, xo Ro


  1. I love that picture jasper to no end...and I am jealous that you are having your windows cleaned...that has to be my favorite house related activity! Happy Wednesday Ro! xx

  2. Beautiful work Ro! Golly that lab is a stunner...

  3. Lovely offerings for the stand-out stones and little leaves that make music! (Yesterday too, of course.)

    They look great on Laura, as always :o).


  4. "...leaves that make music!" --love the way you put that, Songbird!!!!

    These necklaces ARE little melodies sent out into the world--based on a single, amazing stone. YOU'RE pretty amazing, Ro, for turning your vision into a most lovely bit of silver magic!!


    Happy jingle-jangling....

  5. It's my absolute favorite thing too Mona, like having cataract surgery, sometimes I ask for it for my birthday. Oh YEAH that jasper, if nobody snatches it up it will be mine :)

    Hi Amy she's a flashy fish for certain.

    Aww thank you Lisa, they're so much fun, I adore this design. Aren't they pretty on her, the light at the end of the day just adds the right amount of drama.

    Silver is my instrument Caroline, he heee!! Makes me want to dance!! Jangle, jingle