Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two a Day

Purple Ribes

Sometimes I get ahead of myself, I often think I can accomplish more than I can. Instead of showing all my new pendants today I'm going to show two a day and get them on etsy if I have time. I thought since you are my people I'd give you a chance at these before my show.

Long and lanky, I just love this design, the cain is 25 inches and features a quality burro creek jasper. I added the north star to the top of the piece.

I added two dangly, jangly sculpted currant leaves to the long bola style tales. The leaves are textured on both sides, the front is textured by hand, the back is textured with the leaves I found along the creek.

With a total length of 21 inches it allows you to look down and enjoy it too.


*sold Winter

I created winter with a beautiful natural druzy that has a slight blue hue like fresh fallen snow in diminishing light.


Winter is on a 25 inch chain which allows you to wear it with a scarf.

Two sparkling quartz icicles form on the end of this bola. Winter has a total length of 20 inches.

Thank you for visiting, if you have questions concerning these pieces send me a note, I'll be checking my computer periodically as I work today.

Have a good day all, stay warm, xoxo Ro


  1. Long and lanky and so, so glorious!!!!!!!!!

    (I especially love the silver accents you place ever so strategically.)

  2. Lovely, just lovely! they are both so beautiful! I think your stones are perfect, the settings show them off just right!

  3. Your words are appreciated!! Thank you so much dear friends.

  4. Long and lanky is gorgeous...and two a day is a great idea, something to brighten each day.... xx

  5. these are lovely! really. that sparkly winter! let me know if you need mah neck :)

  6. Welcome home Mona! I like the way you think ;) xoxox

    I desperately need your neck Laura dear!!!!!!