Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sundown enough...

The sun is nearly down, tangled in the lower branches of the pepper tree. I had a super productive week constructing and storing away earrings like a squirrels cache, I've added a couple of new pairs to my etsy shoppe. I'm going to start setting stones tomorrow.

This will make you grin......the entire time I thought the last two numbers were o7 exclamation point. Why exclamation, who knows lucky 7 I suppose. It wasn't until I looked at the enlarged photo that I realized the last number was actually a 1, I zizzled out the other numbers but the (1) is how it actually appears on my camera. I should have looked with my readers on, anyway, being completely daft to the correct numbers I couldn't possibly do any channeling and I was thinking it was interesting that no one chose lucky o7, ramble ramble, I'm exhausted.

Okay the lucky winner is ckdowns who wrote; I'm going to borrow a bit of her luck and use 72 as my guess (Mom's age!). I say lucky indeed and since her mother was off doing some gambling of her own in Deadwood I hope she hit the jackpot!!!!

Thank you all for reading, your friendship and your comments during this busy week, it's been a bolster. The clouds turned cotton candy pink and the sun is officially DOWN and I'm off to scrape together some dinner.

Congratulations Caroline, I will be contacting you!!

xo Ro


  1. Congratulations Caroline!!!

    Thanks for the fun Ro!

    Have a nice dinner. : )


  2. Way to go, Caroline! You have a lovely new addition to your GalleryDarrow collection!!

    xoxo. :o)

  3. Ohhh...I was 3 digits off. Congratulations Caroline!

  4. Yayeeee for Caroline! Congratulations!!

  5. Thank you for guessing, reading and commenting (i read them all), you are the givers!!!


  6. Oh, this is too much fun--I can't wait to share the story with my mom! I WOULD share the earrings, too, but she does not have pierced ears. :-)

    No Internet at home right now--this was a morning surprise for me--I'm doing a happy dance--this makes December twinkle a little brighter--and I'll keep those desert thoughts in mind when the snow flies and the thermometer plummets.

    Thanks so much, sweet Ro and the trail hikers who chimed in with guesses and good wishes--happy December to you all!!