Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes My Dogs Tell Lies

Our show is this weekend and though my etsy shop has dwindled my studio is filling up with juicy treats.

Eric's studio is starting to bulge, the kiln is firing non stop which makes his mud room warm and cozy.

Eric and I work on opposite sides of the house and when Bryce is home he takes the inside.
I have a kitchen filled with birds :)

But our dogs tell lies and when I come inside they do a food jig and the same one for Eric even if they've already been fed, this is the time of year we resort to written notes at the base of the coffeepot.

A little storm blew in this morning, hopefully we'll have clear skies this weekend, until then I'll enjoy the rain, I like the percussion on my little roof while I work.

Wishing the best of days to you, xoxo Ro


  1. Those studios look energetic. Your dogs are very clever, next thing you know they will eat your notes. Finally, I love the tree...we too are enjoying the rain...Happy Monday Ro! xx

  2. Holy cow.


    The picture of your earring stash makes me want to jump in the Subaru and trek across the plains, mountains and desert straight to your show this weekend, and pluck some fresh fruit.

    Those look good enough to EAT--LOOK at those vibrant colors!!!!!!!!!!


    Birds in the kitchen crack me up!!! And I think I'd like to hang out in the warm pottery barn for a while.

    I'm laughing at your dogs--we have the same issue here during hunting season, when my husband is up and out early. One of our labs is a master of deception, and sometimes gets three breakfasts out of the deal....maybe Jo and Mart need a job this week???

    Savor the rain--hope it comes now and then the days dawn bright for your show. :-)

    Happy December Monday!

  3. WHAT a great day! Wonderful pictures, I'm picturing a very cozy show this weekend Ro, its not supposed to rain, with cool temps. Perfect weather!
    Can't wait...
    see you soon!

  4. You know, "Sometimes My Dogs Tell Lies" would make a GREAT book title....

  5. Beautiful things in the studio! Yes, Maggie lies constantly about being fed!

  6. Well I guess it's safe to say when it comes to food at least some of our dogs are a wiley, cunning bunch.

    Maybe it could be a story about the dog that cried wolf Caroline :)

    Banjo has an upset tummy and woke me up all night, at lest I can trust her to go outside when she needs to upchuck, zzzzzzz

  7. hope you have great weather and lots of people at the show!!

  8. Thank you Rae, nice to hear from you!

  9. Wow! My goodness, what a LOT of work. Everything looks just *great*!!! I "second" what others have said....your treats (everyone's) look simply scrumptious :o).

    I say this every time.....wish I could blink and be there.

    In the meantime, I am wishing you:

    holiday spirit in the air
    familiar faces
    new faces
    customers with deep pockets
    appreciative smiles
    art lovers
    polite shoppers
    little chuckles
    big belly laughs (ho ho ho)
    animal lovers
    repeat customers
    a surprise or two
    the ideal weather
    good sleep the night before
    even better sleep the night after :o)

    (Sending love your way! xoxoxo)

  10. P.S. Who did that wonderful "feeding note" drawing? (Charlie and Sully want to know...BTW add my two to the growing list of canine liars!)

  11. H ahaaa!! Lisa big smiles!!!!!! I did the drawing and feeling good now that I finished a big pile of rings I'm feeling prepared.

    ps dogs will do anything for a little extra kibbles and bits :)