Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Stars

I set out on a meander this morning to look for Robert but I couldn't find him. I did see our favorite coyote pair wandering on the coyote expressways cut deeply in the greening fields.

He was looking at she

They never seem to mind us unless they have pups which they make obvious by barking at us like a dog protecting its compound. Coyotes have a choking kind of bark that always ends in a song.

We watched them hunt and tussle and go about their morning coyote business.

Morning Star

The last of the pendants.......I just love this stone, it's a polka dot jasper hailing from Oregon. The planet closest to the mountain top has a sparkling crystal just like Venus next to the moon.

I created a compass setting, using my own custom silver stars for the compass points.

ooak of course.

I'm off to another "get- er- done" kind of day. Yesterday my day ended with a bit dog grooming then Christmas shopping, I decided I needed to get out there and shop for my boys while the getting is still good.

Thanks for popping in, xoxo Ro, Jo, Mr. and Mrs. Songdog


  1. What a site...coyotes in green fields. Love the necklace and I wish that I too were preparing for christmas...I better stop procrastination and get on with work xx

  2. Such a beauty--with stars all its own.

    Greetings to the Songdogs today--looks like a fine day to be out in the meadows!!!

  3. All five pendants are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Amazing silverwork & choice of magical stones!!

    Cool photos of your neighboring songdogs :)

  4. I have been loving you pendants sweet Ro! Cool, very cool stone on this one!
    I Can't WAIT for next week!

  5. Hustley bustley Old Town would be fun, Mona, I ended up taking my business on line, sometimes I just take the easy way out. xoxo

    It is green and lovely Caroline, I hope it rains though then clears for our show not the opposite.

    Hi Pricilla!! It isn't long before your busy season, thank you for stopping in and for the kudos :)xoxo

    Thank you Deb, I'm getting excited too, feeling a little more prepared, making some surprises :) xoxoxox