Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miles of Smiles

I thought I'd share a few things that made me smile these past several days ........

(we'd like to think of ourselves as "master" but as the list implies, "servant" would be the more appropriate title.



A marker burned in one of the wildfires now a monument to "Babar"


About a mile up the hill this morning I spotted an unusual finial on a trail marker post, somebody lost their duckie I'm not sure just what the chest protrusion is??

This is that strange week my friend calls "the in-between week" I'm writing thank you notes and trying to get back on track. What are you doing this week?

xoxo Ro


  1. A very GOOD day to you sweet Ro!
    back at work, and Den is in San Diego, cause his dad's in the hospital, but getting better.
    I had fun yesterday, setting out and putting back all my wonderful Eric Pottery and Bryce Paintings where they belong after clearing out the Christmas stuff...back to storage for another year!
    So nice to have the house back!
    soar sister

  2. You find the most interesting subjects for your photos!!

    In-between week: time to write thank-yous, bake the one cookie recipe I still REALLY want to make (and share), read a good book of my own choosing, go to bed EARLY, and work on one of my own manuscripts (not a news story). Also a VERY good journaling time, set a couple of goals for next year, get the wheels in motion, give time to relaxing and contemplating. I like to think things over and dream a little--not much opportunity in the regular schedule to do that.

    And, it's a GREAT week to eat leftovers. HOORAY for leftovers!!!!!!!!

    Deb, I would love to see your Eric Pottery and Bryce Painting collections--bet they're wonderful!!

    Ro, Prancer and Babar are fabulous. :-)

  3. Thanks Caroline!
    I have a lovely selection of cabinet vases above my fireplace, (7 there) and 3 of the Owl series tucked in there from Bryc (burrowing, barn and snow)
    we highjacked your link Ro!
    I didn't think you'd mind, cause sometimes along the trail we get sidetracked!
    tee hee

  4. Love the Prancer photo... Happy Holidays to you Rochelle.

    I'm just hanging out with my Phoenix Cat.. (Dan is out west in Wyoming Snowmobiling) So it is just me and the pets..

    Waiting for some snow, so I can snowshoe!

    Working on my new website.. More on that later.
    Hope you have a wonderful New year!
    xx Juli & Phoenix Cat :)

  5. Thanks for the great photos, again :)
    This week, cleaning my studio and organizing supplies. I can't function at a very efficient level when my studio is messy, even if it's a hidden mess. So, everything is being dusted and organized.

  6. Hi Deb, sending healing wishes to Den's father.
    Though I didn't do too much decorating, I undecorated too and started donation boxes. I do love your collections, those little bottles and paintings are wonderful!

    Good for you Caroline, I like that list of yours, things are just too darn busy before the big day and us with a birthday too. I'm LOVING the leftovers we were even gifted with several dozen homemade tamales a traditional Mexican Christmas delight.

    He heee Deb, I get sidetracked on the trail too, found a new deer trail to hike yesterday.

    I don't know where Prancer was headed Juli but it's rare to see one of the girls alone, I presumed she was looking for her girlfriends.

    Hi Juli, I was thinking of your Phoenix when I saw Bob, I'm glad you're having some quality time. I hope you have some good snow to tromp around in, nothing like a blanket of snow to show off the woods.

    I know what you mean Rae, I was able to get my studio in shape for our show, nothing motivates like knowing a crowd of people are coming over. I like a clean space to work in but as soon as I start working every tool comes back out.

    Happy and healthy 2012 wishes to all of you, xoxo

  7. Happy Holidays Ro!
    Spending a quiet New Years at home.
    Will try to check in here more.
    It's been busy around here lately!

  8. I know how busy you've been Cyn, I think of you often, Happy quiet New Year.

  9. Hullo Ro!

    Greetings from the wet, cloudy, but oh-so-insanely-lush-and-green Pacific Northwest!

    Reading back through your past several entries, I can already tell that visiting your blog now is going to be both a pleasure and also tear at my heart a bit. Yes, I'm a little homesick for the deer and eucalyptus... and Bob (sniffle)... definitely going to miss our bobcats.

    Anyway, so glad that if I can't keep walking my beloved hillsides, I can at least continue to join you on yours. I miss you and I really wish I could have stayed a day two longer and made it to your show. Looks like it was a resounding success!

    Our in-between week is apparently going to be somewhat hijacked by the colds that Ez and I just came down with. (boo! hiss!) Oh well, you can only race around at top-speed for so long and shake so many new people's hands before you catch something or other. So, other than lots of tea and tissues, I think we'll be continuing to unpack boxes in an attempt to make our house look like a real home. Cookie baking has been suggested and doesn't that sound like a fine idea?! Oh, and we're going to try and bundle ourselves up and participate in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count this weekend too. They've had some Snowy Owl sightings in and around Seattle lately -- wouldn't that be an absolutely AMAZING thing to see in person?!!!

    xoxoxoxo to all,