Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Secretly in Love With Robert (blogga novela)

Earlier this week while I was walking up the old road I saw him..........
I knew it was love at first sight, the moment our eyes met. Some call him Bob, he has a habit of smiling.
"Don't go Robert, when will I see you again?"

There he was this morning, doing usual cat stuff, it doesn't matter, I'm smitten as a kitten.

I can tell he likes me too though he's the cool one.

"You are magnificent Bob"

He just gave a little smile.......

and walked away....
"don't gooooooo, I'll be back tomorrow, wait here for me"

Banjo never gives away my secrets........."good girl"

Bryce was inspired as well, he's off to Death Valley this weekend, whiskers will be added on his return.

Have a SUPA-DUPA weekend all!!
xo Ro, Robert and Jo


  1. Wow! So beautiful, that's definitely something I don't see in our neck of the woods (although there have been a few big cat sightings around here). Very cool, Bryce did a wonderful job of capturing his likeness. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh wow!! He's magnificent and I think I'm in love too!

  3. Oh my gosh, I have a new crush--what a charmer!!!!

    Hope there's another chapter in this the meantime, sweet dreams of Robert and enjoy your weekend!!!!

  4. Lucky You!
    He's a beautiful cat.

    Happy trails this weekend.


  5. Oh, and Deb, thanks for helping remind Ro about sundown yesterday, gathering around the dwindling fire, awaiting her make me LAUGH!!!!!!!!!

    still swooning over Robert, by the am I going to focus on a flood control story NOW?????

  6. Here kitty, kitty. I wonder if my Bob (yes, my tabby's name is Bob:) ) would like your Bob? Or if your Bob would just eat him for a snack?!
    What a handsome fella. (And doesn't seem camera shy.) What wonderful place you live. I hope you have more Bob sightings to share.
    And your new earrings are lovely!

  7. Thank you ladies, I DO hope I see him again, he isn't camera shy but I wish sometimes I carried a better camera, I need to get pretty close to get even so so shots. I must say I do like the challenge though.

    Banjo chomped fresh grass and didn't notice him til he sauntered off. I felt a little pull on the leash, a cat and dog thing.

    Happy weekend trails all xooooo

  8. Ro, I'm not surprised that you fell in love - such a handsome, charismatic fellow!! Enjoyed the photos!! Have a great weekend - imagine you'll be hard at work on show stock :) xoxoxo

  9. he is could one not be in love...very kitten like he is...not to mention his charisma is completely overwhelming.

  10. Bob certainly is a magnificent kitty cat, love those ears! I am curious, do you carry protection on the trail just in case a critter isn't so friendly? I want to hike the surrounding hills of my neighborhood and would like some advice.

  11. Yes I'm working Priscilla but having fun with it, luckily I've been blessed with lot's of ideas xoxoxox

    He heee Sue, charismatic for sure...

    Hello Sharon, I carry a pouch for gathering interesting tidbits like leaves, I have a canister of pepper spray on the handle held on with a caribiner if I feel the least bit threatened I unhook it and get ready to spray, I must tell you I have only felt a little uneasy at times about people, I have seen all the big animals and have never had any problems, animals are predictable, people not so much. I'm a firm believer in going with your gut, I'm big on intuition, if you don't feel right get ready to do something about it. I should carry a cell phone but I never remember it. This all being said, I feel relaxed and free on my walks, my dog makes good company, she is trained to view the wildlife quietly and I keep her on a leash for her own safety and for the safety of the wild creatures. If I want to go to more remote locations I wait til I can bring a friend.
    I hope you do get out there, it's good for the soul.

    You would have loved him too Lori...xo

  12. Does your husband know that you are in love with this other guy? lol :o) I can't believe that Chatter Box Blue hasn't spilled this....

    Just being silly.

    Those are *great* photos -- and I love Bryce's painting....he is doing a wonderful job. I especially love Bob's whisker pads. And THOSE eyes!! Just real life and on canvas.

    Speaking of intuition there is an interesting book out there called "The Gift of Fear" by Gaven de Becker. Anyone else read it? It's in paperback (it's been around a while) and I highly recommend it for all ages. It's a quick read and one can skip the chapter on using intuition in the work place if it doesn't apply -- I had my kids read it when they were teenagers, for example, and they skipped that chapter at that time.

    Happy weekend everybody! It's that time again!
    P.S. Your new earrings are swoon-worthy :o) .

  13. OH BOB!!!! Where have you been all my life! I have a crush on you!
    Ha Caroline, thanks for your comment our gal Ro knows how to keep us on edge huh!
    Wow Ro, Bryce did an AMAZING job on his Bob! Can't wait to see the whiskers!
    Really Ro, I can't believe you got to see Bob more than once. What a picture!!
    lots of love

  14. I just can't pass this one up Lisa........the cat's out of the rum pum

    I'm interested in that book, I love the title, so true!

    Belle is not invited, she stays home and bothers Churro, all the while Jasper still sulks :(

    Hard to believe Deb such a wonderful morning gift.

    Thank you both for the kudos on Bryce's painting, he really knocks my socks of sometimes, I like the way he paints eyes too.

    Love you both!

  15. Thank you for your great advice. I will bring my Brittany Spaniel aka "Big Guy", pepper spray, and the cell on my travels!

  16. Love him! He kinda reminds me of my Phoenix cat! :)

    I wish I could see one of them around here.. Some people say they have seen them in this area where I live... I never have though.. Just cats.

    Love the painting!