Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Geek Stuff

My dogs are bored! I've been so busy I haven't found much time to walk but this morning I'm feeling more prepared for our upcoming event so I jumped out of bed an hit the trail which thrilled Banjo. We said hello to the beautiful moon that sat tangled in the scrub.

We looked at tracks. How can you tell dog (coyote) from cat (bob) ? If you see nails it's a dog, naturally cats walk with their nails retracted.
*dog on the left, cat to the right

We watched a redtail pair tumble in the sky.

And found this beautiful (large) hawk sunning. If you can id this guy let me know otherwise I'll look it up when I have time.

✮Wonderwoman✮ (geeky lady) and her dog ✮Flash✮ :P

This is the best gadget out there for craft sales.....

A credit card slider for a phone or ipod and guess what, they're free! We are often asked if we take credit cards but the machines have been prohibitively expensive and there's always the problem with where to plug in. This year when asked we will say "yes we do!" Sometimes geek stuff makes things easy peasy.

A good day to you all, xo Wonderwoman and satiated Flash ✮✮✮✮✮✮


  1. I love your photos and I want to let you know that I can verify the square. Just used it at a food fair in pasadena last week....what will they think of next? xx

  2. In the course of a year, I've seen the vast majority of the artisans and crafters at local shows in D.C. (and at our farmers market) go from cash only to using Square. They all swear they love it, and the folks from Peg and Awl on Etsy told me they get so much more business now at craft shows.

  3. Wow, what a boom for the mobile Artist! I think that is so much safer, then having to keep a lot of cash around.
    wonderful picture of prints too! Bob is still there!

  4. Square is awesome.....a great show accessory plus it makes one appear techno savvy....swipe fast is the trick. Best of luck at your venue. Hugs Sue

  5. Glad to see you & Banjo had a wonderful hike!! Really like the paw print photo & the hawks :)

    I've paid using the Square-it's a great idea.

    I would be so excited if I was coming to your show!! Hope it's successful & fun for all of you!! xoxoxo

  6. your chubby little hawk is the 'red-shouldered' variety

    haha! Square used my jewelry for one of their tv commercials, though i've not yet seen it, nor have i ever used it ;)

    best of luck!
    may you make much use of your little square device, Laurie

  7. Coolest gadget EVER! I will have to remember that, I'm planning on doing some shows next year, and it never even occurred to me that such a thing existed.

    I love the picture of all of the jewelry you've been creating for your open house, I looked at it and then at your husband's work, and the colors and style seem to mirror one another, just beautiful. Wishing you a fun and successful weekend, may your wares fly from your shelves and end up under trees wrapped in bows:)

  8. I agree wholeheartedly Amy

    That's good to know Mona, Bryce's friend got one, when he loaned his friends cash, they could pay him back instantly :) :)

    I'm sure it will be good to have Sharon, just thought I'd give the heads up to other crafters.

    Okay Sue will swipe fast, it also adds the tax c o o l!! Hugs back!

    Hello Priscilla and thank you, I would be so excited too if you were coming. We did have a surprise etsy customer from TX come by one year, just happened she was in the area, FUN!

    Oh yes, thank you Lorena, my son said the same thing, I couldn't see the bars on the wings. I watch a pair from the distance but they are very skittish, I've not had the opportunity such as this to be in such close proximity.

    Oh really, I've never seen an ad for the square but if I do I'll look for you :) :)

    I think so to Susie, I didn't know about it until my son brought it up.
    I know, I agree, many times I see our work somehow reflecting, strange but maybe not, we generally agree on style, home decor etc.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Wow! I haven't done a big show in a year and look at what I've missed! I must have one....