Thursday, December 29, 2011

Currant see

I have a remuda of new rings and other fine things but I bet you're as tired of it as I am. I went out to work on some orders yesterday and discovered both of my oxygen tanks were empty but I wasn't too sad, it gave me an excuse to wrangle my honey, go get them filled and enjoy a leisurely lunch. Laura expressed an interest in hiking so we went early this morning and visited the quiet places.

The hills Laura and I

tangled light in the open palms of the castor bean

fuchsia shaped flowers of the currant, now in bloom

old water tank

Laura at the edge of the world


the bees were hard at work

sun is high heading back

redtail my favorite trail companero


have a superb day all, xoxo Ro


  1. What a beautiful way to spend a late December day. Thanks so much for sharing.

    And I am now totally enchanted by currant blossoms!!! WOW!!!!!!

    (Nice to see you, Laura--hope you're having a lovely end-of-the-year.)

  2. Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I think the hawk in his tree is my fav - that hillside as a background is awesome. Good eye! You live in a lovely place :)

  3. Ahhh...beautiful! So it means that it is good that you ran out of oxygen! xx

  4. Me too Caroline like a million Chinese lanterns with giant buzzing bees.

    Thanks for joining along Carlene. I dearly love the raptors.

    Such a pretty day Mona, I know running out is always metaphoric :)

  5. Gosh, what a beautiful set of pictures! It was an amazing morning today! I like your banner picture with the deer *peeking*
    I really love the raptors too Ro!

  6. New banner--oh boy!!! It's beautiful!!!!

  7. Thank you Rae :)

    OH YES Deb so pretty glad to be able to enjoy it.

    Thank you Caroline, those shy and curious deer :) :)

  8. Hullo Rodeo-Ro,

    Happy end of 2011, and happy belated birthday to the baseball fan living there!

    I love your new banner. It's wonderful -- I love the two heights of the deer, and the angle of their ears. Great shot!

    I chuckled at the timing of your empty oxygen tanks...the end of the fitting! But of course! Lovely to start the new year with full ones :o).

    Great photo too with Laura, the hills and *you*! And Caroline, I'm with you -- I love those currant flowers too. (Ro, you make everything look so nice even old water tanks!! lol)

    It's almost the weekend. Have fun spreading joy everyone :)


  9. You have the best trail pics. Love the new cover page one! Happy New Year, jeanne

  10. nice to re-live it again - thank you for your company on that wonderful hike.

    ps, glad the sunglasses photo came out so well :) :0 ;)

  11. Thank you Lisa, I'll pass along the birthday wishes :)
    I'm enjoying a little slack some extra looking around time.

    Thank you Jeanne, I love shooting them, wishing you happiness iv the coming year.

    It was fun Laura, must do it again soon.
    Sunglass shot, I love it, so many dimensions!