Saturday, December 10, 2011


My son Bryce's band Cogito is playing next weekend in West Hollywood here take a listen.

*artwork also by Bryce


  1. VERY cool.

    I wish I could go...have to cover the Christmas Bird Count 4 Kids at our local national wildlife refuge and Santa Claus Day for kids in a nearby town--if I could swing by West Hollywood that evening, my day would be just PERFECT!

    Bryce, go MAKE some music on that stage. I'll be thinking of you!!!!!

    P.S. Love the posters--these will be big sellers at some auction 50 years from now, right?? :-)

  2. Wow, would you just look at your new banner! GREAT picture Ro!
    Great Poster for Bryce's band...really, great!
    Right on Caroline, they remind me of the 60's tee hee.
    Hey, after your show, you must go see the film "Hugo" was really, really good, saw it today!

  3. I was looking forward to going until I found out the date was the first day of our show so I won't be able to go either.
    I think Bryce has a career doing concert posters if things don't pan out :)

    Thanks for the recommendation Deb, glad you had a good day!

  4. Oh...LOVE this banner, Ro--so much fun!!!!!

  5. Yes, your new banner is SO wonderful & the red ornament hanging from your logo looks very cool !!

    Bryce's poster is really great - he could sell them now! xoxoxo

  6. Thank you Caroline and Priscilla, I was so ?????????????? about why I couldn't fit my banners to my header so I spent some time researching and FINALLY figured it out.

    Priscilla we are bird addicts, don't you love it!

    Viper Room was Johnny Depps clup and I was excited to be able to go there, maybe next time :( :(