Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Handful of Stars

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere"
~Carl Sagan

Best wishes to all in the coming year,
yours truly

*seeds of the wildflower Cosmos Sulphureus

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Currant see

I have a remuda of new rings and other fine things but I bet you're as tired of it as I am. I went out to work on some orders yesterday and discovered both of my oxygen tanks were empty but I wasn't too sad, it gave me an excuse to wrangle my honey, go get them filled and enjoy a leisurely lunch. Laura expressed an interest in hiking so we went early this morning and visited the quiet places.

The hills Laura and I

tangled light in the open palms of the castor bean

fuchsia shaped flowers of the currant, now in bloom

old water tank

Laura at the edge of the world


the bees were hard at work

sun is high heading back

redtail my favorite trail companero


have a superb day all, xoxo Ro

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miles of Smiles

I thought I'd share a few things that made me smile these past several days ........

(we'd like to think of ourselves as "master" but as the list implies, "servant" would be the more appropriate title.



A marker burned in one of the wildfires now a monument to "Babar"


About a mile up the hill this morning I spotted an unusual finial on a trail marker post, somebody lost their duckie I'm not sure just what the chest protrusion is??

This is that strange week my friend calls "the in-between week" I'm writing thank you notes and trying to get back on track. What are you doing this week?

xoxo Ro

Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Grown Christmas

We have always been the type to buck tradition and make one of our own. A euc branch donated by the wind came already decorated with pods.

*painting by Bryce

Pottery by Eric

and me

A few birds

and insects

voila! A California Christmas....

and first light
two deer
came walking down the hill
and when they saw me

they said to each other, okay,
this one is okay,
let’s see who she is
and why she is sitting

on the ground like that,
so quiet, as if
asleep, or in a dream,
but, anyway, harmless;

and so they came
on their slender legs
and gazed upon me
not unlike the way

I go out to the dunes and look
and look and look
into the faces of the flowers;
and then one of them leaned forward

and nuzzled my hand, and what can my life
bring to me that could exceed
that brief moment?
For twenty years

I have gone every day to the same woods,
not waiting, exactly, just lingering.
Such gifts, bestowed,
can’t be repeated.

If you want to talk about this
come to visit. I live in the house
near the corner, which I have named

*excerpt, "The place I want to get back to" by Mary Oliver

Have a wonderful holiday,
grow where you're planted, xo Ro

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Show Snaps

I must say, I never get good pictures of our shows, I'm just too busy to get more than a few snapshots. The day before as we were setting up the phone rang, on the other end was my girlfriend saying "hey cloud lady are you outside?" the wind had picked up and the diminishing pink light was G O R G e O U S, yes I was outside *with my camera.

As the night fell Eric and Bryce worked on their display in the pottery barn.

The weather turned out to be a sampling of everything, wind, a few rain showers, sun, cloudy, cool and cold.

*entrance with Kathryn's banner

Banners line the street and lead to the gate. It was a banner show too, the crowd was tremendous.

A quick snap of Eric setting up in the momentary sun.

The show starts at 10 a.m. and this is what it looked like at 8:30 :) :) I show inside with my jewelry, this is the view from my display looking out.

* the camera was ditched shortly thereafter

Another quick snap, Eric is more set up, Kathryn mugging at my lens, the sky is sealing shut. It showered a little but after so many winter shows we seem to be prepared for anything.

We would like to extend sincere thank you's to all of you who came out and supported us, It was so much fun to see you. After so many weeks hunkered inside working, barely seeing a soul, it was the brightest of lights to see your smiles and feel your warm hugs, we just can't tell you how grateful we are to have you in our lives. We appreciate you more than you know, many, many thanks for gifting our work and maybe even keeping a few for yourselves.

To all of our online supporters we thank you as well, it's been a pleasure getting to know you better, thank you for your kindness and for allowing us to do just what it is we love to do. I also appreciate your interest in this silly blog and for taking the time to comment.

Whatever tradition or holiday you mark on your calender this time of year we wish you much joy and love, after all it IS what makes the world go round.

With much fondness and love, The Darrows

Friday, December 16, 2011

And It's Show Time

Have a superterrific weekend everybody!!
xo Ro

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Geek Stuff

My dogs are bored! I've been so busy I haven't found much time to walk but this morning I'm feeling more prepared for our upcoming event so I jumped out of bed an hit the trail which thrilled Banjo. We said hello to the beautiful moon that sat tangled in the scrub.

We looked at tracks. How can you tell dog (coyote) from cat (bob) ? If you see nails it's a dog, naturally cats walk with their nails retracted.
*dog on the left, cat to the right

We watched a redtail pair tumble in the sky.

And found this beautiful (large) hawk sunning. If you can id this guy let me know otherwise I'll look it up when I have time.

✮Wonderwoman✮ (geeky lady) and her dog ✮Flash✮ :P

This is the best gadget out there for craft sales.....

A credit card slider for a phone or ipod and guess what, they're free! We are often asked if we take credit cards but the machines have been prohibitively expensive and there's always the problem with where to plug in. This year when asked we will say "yes we do!" Sometimes geek stuff makes things easy peasy.

A good day to you all, xo Wonderwoman and satiated Flash ✮✮✮✮✮✮

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sometimes My Dogs Tell Lies

Our show is this weekend and though my etsy shop has dwindled my studio is filling up with juicy treats.

Eric's studio is starting to bulge, the kiln is firing non stop which makes his mud room warm and cozy.

Eric and I work on opposite sides of the house and when Bryce is home he takes the inside.
I have a kitchen filled with birds :)

But our dogs tell lies and when I come inside they do a food jig and the same one for Eric even if they've already been fed, this is the time of year we resort to written notes at the base of the coffeepot.

A little storm blew in this morning, hopefully we'll have clear skies this weekend, until then I'll enjoy the rain, I like the percussion on my little roof while I work.

Wishing the best of days to you, xoxo Ro