Monday, November 28, 2011

Win Them and Arm Chair Traveling

I've been busy working for my show but I'm a sundowner which means when the sun sinks, so do I. I've been thinking about the desert and how much I'd like to go there right now but this is the time for work so after the sun decends and all the evening duties are finished, I travel not only in time (1900) but to the desert in "The Land of Little Rain" by Mary Austin who wrote...........

In this country of the bighorn, the wapiti (elk) and the wolf, nesting place of buzzards, land of cloud nourished trees and wild things that live without drink. Above all, it is the land of creosote and mesquite. The mesquite is God's best thought in all this desertness. It grows in the open, is thorny, stocky, close grown and iron-rooted. Long winds move in the draughty valleys, blown sand fills and fills about the lower branches, piling pyramidal dunes, from the top of which the mesquite twigs flourish greenly. Fifteen or twenty feet under the drift, where there seems no rain could penetrate, the main trunk grows, attaining often a yards thickness, resistant as oak. In Shoshone land one digs for large timber; that is in the southerly, sandy exposures. Higher on the table-topped ranges low trees of juniper and pinyon stand each apart, rounded and spreading heaps of greeness. between them but each to itself in smooth clear spaces, tufts of tall feathered grass.

* earring contest, here's how to play....
I like guessing contests so all you have to do to play is guess the last two serial numbers on my camera. The one that comes closest will win a pair of "winnowing basket" earrings mailed to your door, international participants are welcome. Winner will be revealed Thursday at sundown.

xo Ro


  1. oh! I hope I win. I'm going to say 37 Thanks for the giveaway Ro!

  2. Hi Ro,
    I love your earrings!

    I choose 53... because we have 5 in our family (humans) and 3 dogs.

    I hope I am the lucky winner.

    Thank you for such a generous give away.
    I wish I could come to your show. That would be a treat!

    "The Land of Little Rain", it's right up my ally. I'll put that on my list of books to read.


  3. Lovely desert thoughts this morning--images of the warm sunshine and radiant soil feel terrific on the northern plains!!

    Just celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary--and my mother is so fantastic that she kept all the snowy weather away in the Black Hills of South Dakota so the whole family could join together. My uncle, who lives there year-round, couldn't believe her good fortune--he wanted to take her to Deadwood for some gambling luck!! I'm going to borrow a bit of her luck and use 72 as my guess (Mom's age!).

    Regardless of the outcome, these earrings are a treat for the eyes, Ro--thanks!!

  4. While I was reading your post, 48 popped into my head. So that's my guess.
    Could I be so lucky to win those awesome earrings? I hope so :)
    Thanks for doing the givaway !

  5. How about 93 for me. These earrings are beautiful.
    Thanks for the contest Ro.
    Good luck guessing everyone.

  6. Gosh, the light in your photo really makes those little baskets glow! Lovely.

    I hadn't heard of Mary Austin before. Your excerpt intrigued me though, so I clicked through to the Wiki entry -- WOW! Now that was a woman with a really strong face. Love that photo. (Reminds me a little of some of the hats I've seen you wandering around the desert in...) Will be sure to add this book to my reading list too... thanks!

    I was going to guess the last 2 digits of MY camera's serial number... but that would have been fifty-one, which is awfully close to several other people's guesses. So, my OFFICIAL VOTE is 67. (The first few digits of my camera's serial number.) xoxo

  7. I REALLY do LIKE those earrings, so I'll venture a guess, 19...Thanks for offering a fun giveaway!!xoxoxo

  8. Hi Ro, My guess is 57. Now I'm off to check out this book by Mary Austin. I hope my library has a copy. Have a wonderful day!

  9. To win these would be a treat. I really like your work. My guess is 35. Have a great day and thanks for doing this give-away!

  10. Thank you for visiting and guessing everybody!

    I learned something interesting while reading Mary's book since some of it is written using old world terminology. She writes about vultures and buzzards each exclusive to the other. I always thought vultures were called buzzards, (derogatory) feeding on dead carrion. That old buzzard etc., a buzzard was a term used for hawks, chicken hawks of which there is no such thing. A chicken hawk or a buzzard is a Cooper, Red-Tail or Sharp Shinned Hawk. So if somebody calls you an old buzzard it's not such a bad thing me thinks. :)

  11. Howdy Ro....I'll go with 13. ♥

  12. gorgeous earrings ro. and i'd love to read that book too. i'll say 61. thank you for offering this awesomE giveaway!

  13. Well....I don't know why but I will guess 01.Thank you for the chance to win those beatiful earrings :)

  14. Ha!I think I meant beautiful...

  15. Love them! Guessing 68...a very good year. Thanks!

  16. I do enjoy your blog ,so I say 12

  17. Your blog posts always bring a guess is 45.

  18. My guess is 17.


  19. working, working, a little walking then back to work here......

    Bob Marley sang me this.....

    Rise up this mornin',
    Smiled with the risin' sun,
    Three little birds
    Pitch by my doorstep
    Singin' sweet songs
    Of melodies pure and true,
    Sayin', ("This is my message to you-ou-ou:")

    it felt good and last night that moon smiled to ou ou......


  20. btw; I have not seen the exact number yet so keep those guesses coming. If two people are equally close I will give two pair away.

  21. Hi there Ro -

    Thank you for this chance to win these pretty earrings!

    Could I please enter a guess of 82?

    Thanks :o)
    xoxo xx oo xoxo

  22. Such divine earrings that I just have to guess. Put me down for 55 please and thank you for the fun contest, Ro.
    Happy Holidays to everyone!

  23. I'm in guess is 81

  24. 76 is my guess, Ro - fingers crossed and then some!!


  25. My guess is 31.. maybe its my lucky day. Beautiful earrings.

  26. :) :) :) :)

    See y'all at sundown here at shady D ranch!!!


  27. ....still enjoying your blog.
    and: my guess is 36....

  28. I'll take a wild guess and say 01. I enjoy your blog very much, and love the photos of the Claremont area, and your jewelry :)

    I'm sending hubby out to purchase all those root veggies to make your yummy recipe!

  29. hey Ro!

    I'm going to guess 88 :)


  30. ok Ro, its sundown right NOW!!! All the gals are here 'round the campfire. Are we meeting at the corral, or will you come over to the fire!
    Yee HAH!

  31. hmmmmm, must be late cause your rustlin' up that lost calf. That's ok, we'll be here when ya get back :-)

  32. Ha haaaa Deb I was actually, REALLY removing tumble weeds from my garden, gotta love that wind!!!

  33. Haaaaaaaa!!! I knew it was somthin' like that!
    :-)gotta love that wind for sure!