Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've been having a wonderful time hanging out with my imagination these past few days and creating rings each with their own unique theme and stone.

Smoke Signal 7 3/4

I created the incredible tomatillo smoke signal ring with a serene Montana agate.

While working in my garden I found several tomatillo skeletons, when transferred to silver, I found they make a wonderful organic sunburst design.

The band is also beautiful, patterned with garden stuff...


Bird Sanctuary 7 3/4

Using a beautiful Utah tiffany stone I created a bird sanctuary with two fat tomatillo finches skipping across the top.

Plants and seeds on the band.


*sold Badlands 8 1/2

This remarkable stone is from Lost Sierra on etsy, a Cheyenne Jasper from Wyoming. I love this stone so much I set it the day after receiving it.

A strong theme and stone with a strong band, beauty, simply stated..


Turquoise Shrine size 8

I bought this stone in New Mexico and have coveted it ever since. An amazing turquoise like this deserves an extra special setting.

Beautiful textured band


Sequoia size 8

No explination necessary, everyone that has laid eyes on this ring within the past few days has gasped the same thing "it's a sequoia" The stone is amethyst sage without the amethyst color. The news around the gem show last year was that this material is all mined out. It was widely available for a short while but I've never seen a stone quite as remarkable as this one.

Another strong stone with a hefty band....


new rings can be found here

I've been busy, two of the above rings have walked out he door but aren't they fun altogether?

Thanks for dropping by today, I hope yours is a good one, Love Ro

* If you have any questions or would like to reserve one of these rings send me an e mail or etsy convo. They will be moved to etsy tomorrow.


  1. Oh, my dear sweet heaven....

    (Well, I suppose should say, "Dear, sweet Ro....")

  2. That group shot is ASTOUNDING.

    LOOK at what you can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, with a little help from your burro.

    (I know which one I'd choose....)

  3. oh, dear, sigh, I agree CK...dear heaven above...Ro paid awesome tribute AGAIN to our wonderful, amazing, nature!
    I am coveting the sequoia something FIERCE!!

  4. Wow Ro!

    I admire your work so much. You inspire me (as a person new to silversmithing) at the same time I am intimidated. I want to create things as beautiful as yours. I have A LOT of catching up to do.
    Boy, I love your rings and garden imprints!
    Silversmithing and gardening go hand in hand in your studio.

    Beautiful work, you must be so excited to be in this creative groove!

    : )
    By the way...I love the new banner!

  5. And this makes me look at tomatillos in a WHOLE new way....

    LOVE that texture!!

  6. Thank you Carline, I know which one too :)

    Good for salsa anddd silver, that's one versatile vegetable!

    Thank you Deb, you are an amysage sister!!

    How kind you are Cinder, just keep one foot in front of the other........thank you.

  7. Carline again sorry C A R O L I N E......

  8. They are fun altogether...which two walked out I wonder...and finally, that Laura has amazing hands xxx

  9. Stunning! Beautiful rings just in time for November and all the loveliness that comes with autumn :) Mr. Sequoia reminds me of camping - we went up there every summer growing up and hiked up to sunset rock and slide down the tree slide. Happiness.

    That group shot is too tempting . . . I wanted to wear them all home! hehe

    love love
    Laura :)

  10. And you are off and running... I especially love the Bird Sanctuary! Xo

  11. Absolutely stunning Ro...who knew a tomatillo
    could look so good.

  12. I can't pick just one, they are all so yummy!!

  13. Wow, what a fantastic collection of rings you created!!! Beautiful silverwork & amazing stones!! xoxoxo

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