Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Opal Skies

I know not everybody can rock a big ring so I'm having fun with different styles, here is a sneak peek of how the week is progressing. I took a splinter from the day and night sky and set them over a silver garden.

I've only set opals once before, they're moody little devils that reveal their hi jinx whenever the feeling is right, from hummm to wooo hoooo in seconds, I love that about them.

gardening here as usual......

Hope you have a good day at work today, the time change is a killer, I went to bed at 9:30 last night.

xoxo Ro


  1. They are gorgeous... hope you are enjoying the lovely weather xoxo

  2. really pretty Ro! I love my birthstone for October. Opal is a varied as the universe!

  3. As always, just beautiful :-).

  4. Thank you Mona...xoxo

    Well stated Deb, I like to get lost in those tiny universes :)..xo

    Thank you Sandi, thanks as always for stopping by :) :)

  5. Boulder Matrix Opals from Australia are my favorite. Actually, just about any Australian Opal is my favorite. Love!

  6. Oh those opals look veeery nice! Enjoy your day Rochelle!!

  7. Wow--love the garden you planted around those opals--most lovely!!

  8. Always something fresh to please us and tempt us! I love the look of your two new rings :)

    Samantha June, I'm with you! I love the look of boulder opals especially.....they are my favorite opals.

    And Caroline, I agree -- lovely gardens indeed.

    XOXO Ro (hope your week is going well♥)