Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh Beautiful for Gracious Skies

It was a beautiful weekend around these parts. Storms rolled in from the Arctic which I greeted with greed and lust, rain on me, rain on me! (sing it like roger daltrey not reign though)

My friend Linda took a picture from her bathroom window, "view from my loo" This is from mine, I think a compilation would make an interesting coffee table book.

Between rains, I worked in my garden, fertilizing mulching, chopping things back, getting ready for the Christmas show. While pruning a line of gigantic sages, I found a beautiful nest, nestled. I think it's a towhee, I'm going to watch it, see if it's reused.

Last night we had tremendous thunder and lightning, a wild ride, which was fun except for poor Mart, who was inconsolable.

Clear skies today led to a nice morning walk up the yucca hill.


S N O W!!
(more storms on the way, yay, yay)

cosmos back home in the garden, bent and heavy

rain chain


Back home, Mart looks on inside.....

I'm working on rings this week which I started yesterday. Some of you are experiencing the time change, it's hard to get in sync, I hope you have a supercalifragilistic day despite that inner clock.

xoxo Ro


  1. Hey! Where is everybody? lol

    Gracious skies indeed....

    Ro, your snow scene looks all too familiar to us here in the northeast! It does look beautiful, and I like the way you framed the photo with the other trees.

    And how sweet is that little nestled nest? I'm glad that you've had some rain. I know how much you love it!

    Love your rain chain and yucca :)

    The last photo of you with Marty-pants is adorable ♥.


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Good to hear from you.

    I know the weather is a boring topic, but finally turning a corner regarding the heat always feels like a milestone.

    Marty Pants loves you too!