Friday, November 18, 2011

In the Mist

It was chilly and misty this morning, when I took my walk in the hills. I daydreamed, set up my plan of action for the day, decided what to make for dinner, took a lot of pictures, thought about jewelry designs. I love walking alone, sorting things out, listening to my feet as they beat out a rhythm, my breath adding a layer to the march. Walking adds an element of peace in a world that feels so rushed and if you listen to the news, it feels so broken. Things feel so whole and perfect in the natural world, as it should be. When I'm out with Jo it makes me feel balanced and able to accept whatever a day might bring. I can always dig deep and remember things like.... watching the coyote watch us, then as if to let us know we were no big deal he turned to leave but before he did he hiked his leg and marked a clump of tall grass. I have a file of vignettes in the folds of my mind, remembrances from my walks, today it was the neat and tidy tattings small spiders created, hanging heavy now like damp laundry.

dew reveals the web, web reveals the dew

Wishing you a peaceful weekend and safe travels to those who are journeying to meet family for Thanksgiving, xo Ro


  1. Truly, a lovely post! Made me take a deep breath-been thinking about the natural world feeling whole & the "human" world feeling crazy & on the wrong track, too.

    I love your photos of spider tattings (& your use of the word tattings to describe them):)

    Hope you have a peaceful & enjoyable weekend, too!!! xoxoxo

  2. Your words and images are always so good for me, Ro. Especially lately, since I've barely been finding the time to go for my own short walks, much less keep up with the bevy of little worlds I love online.

    I'm off to rehearsal dinner for my sister-in-law's wedding now and as I contemplate the odious task of how to stay upright in high-heeled shoes and navigate all the people at tomorrow's ceremony, I will close my eyes and remember your webs covered in dew... and try to breathe.

    The upcoming move (less than a month now!) and all of life's other small hassles have been getting me down lately. I feel like a ghost some days. A very (very) busy ghost. But, I know (and your blog so sweetly reminds me) that it can all drop away like so much unnecessary baggage as soon as I go outside and let the natural world envelop and soothe me.

    Thank you sweet Ro, for this blog and for the joy it brings me. xoxoxoxo

    ~ Harsi

  3. Love that single strand of spider silk.

  4. I hope you have a chance to get away from the human world this weekend Pricilla. Now especially that the weather is cool it's time to "fill up"

    Oh man Harsi, it sounds like you're in the thick of it, heels included. I bet you can't wait to be moved and settled again.

    Me too Shark, a constellation in the weeds :)

  5. I am fascinated by spiders and their webs, these are beautiful images Ro! I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Xo