Monday, November 21, 2011

A Few Things

I've made a cornucopia of jeweled things, I just had to use that word, it is that time of year after all. I have a new guilty treat, I'm confessing to right here. I've been streaming Mad Men which has put me in a nostalgic place. I was about the same age as Dan's daughter at that particular time in history. I enjoy the sets, the art, the attention to detail naturally the sleazy relationships. I admit it was hard watching President Kennedy's assignation again, the day our country stood still. I was bowling with my dad that day when it was announced over the loud speaker, everyone crowding in the bar to watch the television. Thinking about those times caused me to remember this, though we never had one, I'm sure all the model television families did.

The weather here has been rainy which is good for the soul, Banjo and I follow deer and coyote tracks, the air perfumed with sage and humus, wet dog, wet hair.


I made a pair of these for a friend who teaches grammar school, her students are always telling her, "there's something wrong here" :)

A beautiful and generous stone, simply set on a long chain, the horn of plenty perhaps. The 60's were the FAT years in many ways these are the lean.

I made a dear heart, two stones set side by side, depicting a deer ( deer not dear, Freudian slip) track textured edges and an oak leaf.
*ocean jasper

* sold
copper leaves copied from my little Eucalyptus Torquata. The leaves are waxed to stabilize the wonderful patina.

I set two mystic little opals each at the opposite end of the color wheel though they both flash green. I set them in a modish setting because I felt like it :)

A feather, I was asked to make one for a friend so I made two, one for etsy. I have rather steered away from feathers on etsy since they went v i r a l , and so it goes............ but I do love making them.

I adopted a little "hang dog" I keep trying to cheer him up, maybe he's just tired. I hope you can help me with a name. I saw him on etsy and he looked like he REALLY needed a home, I couldn't resist. I used to have a little dog museum in my store, I have collected antique dogs for the longest time. When I sold my shoppe I sold off most of my collection but I kept some I just couldn't part with. I'll show you them after Christmas.

It's gonna be okay boy (he's a boy) I always like the anatomically correct dogs, he hee

The storm has broken, giving way to a beautiful morning, everything dressed in raindrops, sun screaming in.

I wont get these on to etsy until possibly Tuesday, waiting on Lovely Laura, or maybe I'll post them and add model shots later. (thinking out loud)

Happy day all, love Ro


  1. Cornucopia, indeed--what a bounty from your studio!!

    Welcome to the new hang dog--he IS a cutie, needed a new home, that's obvious. Churro and Belle will cheer him up pretty quickly, I'm betting. He looks like a "Charles" to me, but that's not maybe terribly original--can't explain why, just a instinct.


    Oh my GOSH!!!!

  2. Wow! Gorgeousness all around. I love the feathers also, especially your copper feathers.

    Thanks for sharing~



  3. Your little dog looks like a "bashful" to me.

    I love the earrings for your teacher friend. Well, I actually love all of your pieces. You have been busy. : )

    I have been busy too...a new puppy in the family. Her name is Ivy, she is 10 weeks old. She is going to be a big girl. The sweetest pup and our older boys (dogs) love her too.

    A lot to be thankful for!

    Have a wonderful week.


  4. Hullo Ro... (whew, wedding over and I didn't fall down in my 3-inch heels! ha ha!

    Your new little friend reminds me of a more forlorn incarnation of the RCA dog, who's name is apparently "Nipper". ( I don't know what he'd have to be sad about though, surrounded by all that incredible nature-inspired bling! I am SERIOUSLY coveting 4 of your 6 new creations... the other two, I'm only mildly coveting. *grin* Your deer hearts always steal mine.

    xo -- the rain was fantastic, yesterday! -- Harsi

    P.S. Absolutely stunning new coyote butt shot gracing the top of your blog.

  5. Hummmm Charles, quite noble Caroline, he is NOT a Chuck I do know that :) thank you for the jewelry ❤

    Thank you Adrienne, us busy jewelry doers :)

    Hi Cinder, My last best friend was "Ivy" I found her in the shelter, she was lovely my little Zen walker, carry on with that tradition. xo

    Hullo Mrs. so glad you stayed upright this weekend, a feat for the feet :) Yes I know "Nipper" I had an old RCA poster in my shoppe. "His Masters
    Voice" Thank you for the serious covet, he hee
    beautiful, beautiful day, I hope you get out and smell the sages..... (in comfortable shoes)

  6. As I finally slipped off the walking torture-devices around 9:30 PM and changed into comfy pants and my running shoes, I swore I would never, ever, EVER, take these things for granted again. (seriously)

    Headed out for a walk any minute now... I'll be sure to breathe d-e-e-p!

    P.S. Congratulations on the new member of your family, Cinder!

  7. Ahh sweet sage, I LOVE the pungent smell...and this rain has been the best ever!! I had a cozy fire all day yesterday going.
    I'm seriously coveting too Harsi!
    beautiful work as always Ro. I can't imagine wearing any thing else! (well, beside clothes, chuckle, chuckle)

  8. managed to pop by
    real quick like
    no time
    for a coffee
    but just enough
    to say
    love your jewels mrs


  9. Hello Deb!! YES so nice out!! Thank you for coveting xoxo

    Linda you always make me laugh!! xoxox

    Sorry about all the errors, this post was a mess, I wrote it fast with three dogs crammed into my little cedar, tug boat of a studio.

  10. Ahhh eucalyptus leaves! So beautifeeelllll! Okay I'm pretty excited to come over tomorrow :) :) :)

    meanwhile, new little dog needs a bout don draper?

  11. Lots of coveting going on here too! I love your designs and your choice of metals and stones......just great. Have fun, Laura.

    My first thought for a name for your pup was Romeo. To me he looks like a Romeo lookin' for some love!!!

    P.S. Harsi, hope you had fun, and congrats on your new addition, Cinder :o).

  12. I have to agree with Debbie, the smell of sage mmmm. I'm sure it is time for weekend in eastern Oregon!!!!

    Beautiful work Ro, I love the Eucalyptus earrings. Please take care of your little dog he look like he needs some love.

    Have a wonderful week!


  13. Beautiful pieces Ro, really stunning. I love all your inspiration, and these rains, bliss. I LOVE that feather. LOVE.

  14. Gorgeous pieces Ro. I adore your new little friend. I am sure you'll come up with a perfect name for him :)

  15. Hi La La, wear black, stay for dinner :) Nope not that awful man..... H eheee!

    Awwww thank you Lisa, you are so good with the names, I used to know a Bichon named Romeo if you can believe that, what are the chances. I really thought long and semi-hard and a name that I love for him is "Jasper". What do you think?

    Oh YEAH Evie, Eastern Oregon this time of year, I hope you get to go. Happy Thanksgiving...xxxxoooo

    Thank you Lori, I know how you feel on the subject of birds :) xoxo

    Thank you Tess, hope all is well xoxox

  16. Love them all, spesh the earrings. Sorry I can't help with a name for your dog...I really struggle with naming things lol