Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I made a few warm and inviting snippets starring, my friend Moon

These will be sized to fit, the leather will be brown but the shade and texture of the hide may vary. Please contact me if you would like to reserve one of these snippets.

Do what you love and you will always love what you do......

xo Ro


  1. Love it! These tend to be my favorite sort of bracelet because they tend to be comfortable to wear and don't spin around. We went to see some astronomers over the weekend, so much fun- the moon was simply amazing (and we also got to see Jupiter and some of its many moons).

  2. Oh, I embrace this design--your moon love shines through!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful!! I love the pearl moon :)

    Hope you are well
    xx Juli~

  4. I agree Susie, soooo comfortable, perfect for winter.

    Thank you Buba! :)

    I appreciate it Caroline

    Many thanks Juli, hoping you're well also, xoxo

  5. Beautiful...I saw the moon smiling the other day and it was beautiful! xx

  6. So pretty...simple yet elegant!

  7. Love seeing the moon can be such an inspiration for you! These are all just great. Each one is so special.......beautiful job :o) .

  8. It was hard to miss him Mona, beautiful beyond belief! xo

    Thank you Sandi, the moon is always so elegant...

    Thank you Lisa, filled with the inspirational moon here :) xoxo