Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cosmic Death Opal

Here it is, the cosmic death opal. I spent way too long constructing this ring to have the stone fracture, WAY too long....but that's just what happened. I'm doing too much this week, I've been working in my garden, filling orders off etsy when I hit a wall yesterday. I had lunch with the golden girls and I realized not only was I tired but my hands and shoulders were sore (hauling bags of compost) my entire being, so I'm throwing in the towel this week, waving the white flag. I locked up my studio and started dinner at 2 pm, marinara from scratch and special noodles sent from my friend in North Dakota. Instead of asking Laura to model, I invited her for dinner. Now I'm off to groom my dogs, garlic bread when I return. Carbs should turn this frown upside down :)

When frustrated with artwork, walk away. I've been doing this long enough to realize, sometimes you just can't make it happen.

Thank you all for your friendship, I'm giving you mine, that's all I have this week unless you can make it over before dinner.......

xoxo Ro


  1. I am heading off to get a latte, did not need convincing...oh marinara sounds so good. xx

  2. Oh Oh! you definitely need carbs! and a good neck massage!!!!!!
    poor girl!
    always your friend soar sister!

  3. Dinner sounds great, but I think I'd be late.

  4. Oh Ro, so sorry about your frustrating cosmic death opal:( It is a gorgeous ring, as are the two you showed yesterday! It's not unusual for an opal to fracture though, is it? BAD LUCK!

    Dinner sounds great!! And btw, loved the recent Cogito tune & the album art is SO great!! Talented fellow, that Bryce :) xoxoxo

  5. I bet that was a what the....! moment...
    Sorry it happened that is one stunning ring.
    It's about then that I whip out a chocolate bar.
    I have had some things come out of my kiln that made my mouth gap.
    xx HUGS Lorraine xxx

  6. I'm so sorry to hear Ro! So frustrating. You are wise to let it rest....That marinara sounds like just the thing to make it all better!

  7. You're a smart woman....there aren't many things that a good marinara and a good night's sleep won't help.......oh, and chocolate (Lorraine, you're right!) Oh, and a fine glass of wine !!! He heeeeeee :)

    It's still an amazing ring, Rodeo-Ro!

  8. Walking away is always better than running away, shrieking and cursing....

    I'm with Songbird on that "amazing ring" opinion....

    Rest your paws, sprinkle a little cheese on that garlic bread and catch up on "DWTS" so you'll be ready for your next golden girls lunch date. :-)

    You're a wonder!!

  9. P.S. Okay, somebody irreverent has to say it.....

    "Cosmic Death Opal" as a name is really just TOO funny, given your body of work!!!!!!!!!!

    You might attract a whole new crowd of customers with that label....

  10. Amen sister! I hate it when I do that and it is usually a signal of being over tired. Walk away, walk away, heaven's yes, walk away!

  11. Oh no! A sure sign that it's time to take a break. Enjoy your day and your marinara sauce (cooking can be so therapeutic) and rest those weary bones.

  12. Beautiful ring...been there and you are right, walking away for awhile is the best medicine.

    I cooked pasta last night from our friend in N. was delicious...I poured Swedish meatballs (made from scratch) over it....mmmm good! Enjoy your marinara and your friend.

  13. MMMMM latte Mona, good choice !

    I spent the day flapping Deb but the carbs WERE good :)

    Too bad Shark, we had brownies for desert.

    Hi Priscilla, I gave the ring to Laura since you really can't see the frustrating, conFounding, flipping, fracture, I know it's there grrrrrr. It's hard to lock and relaod after one of those events. I could have unsoldered the entire setting and applied a different stone but it was so pretty I didn't have the heart.

    Bryce thanks you too :) xoxox

    Oh my gosh Lorraine, I've witnessed those kiln disasters first hand. You win, I give it to you clay artists. After all that work having everything destroyed in a glaze firing would make me quit for good especially if you have a big kiln. Good idea, I used to have a chocolate candy bar in a frame that read "in an emergency, break glass" keep a stash close by, or some brownie mix.

    I agree Amy, fully

    You know it Lisa, not so fine wine was enjoyed by all :) xoxo

    Dinner was excellent Caroline, you would have approved of the brownies too.
    I took Mart in and gave him a complete hair cut instead of shrieking and cursing (well maybe a little guttural cursing at the time)
    Ha haa oh yes, I'm gunning for those Star Trek Warriors now instead of DWTS :) A little heavy handed on the drama with that title, I agree :) :0

    Oh my gosh SJ I realized there was a full moon too, NSOOFM!!! (never set opals on a full moon) :) N E V E R !!!!!

    It is therapeutic Susie, a good time was had by all.

    That pasta really travels Sandy, lucky for us, I bet dinner was yummy at the Carico, abode too!

  14. I've been's hard to walk away, but you're right, sometimes it's the best thing to do.

    The ring is still gorgeous though! I hope you enjoyed the carbs and good company. They always help!

    hugs and love,