Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Show and Tell

It was a busy weekend here at lake robegone. The dogs have been hunting squirrels and lets just say Banjo got lucky which keeps the excitement level up. Marty is slowly growing back from his summer shave down, he looks adorable at this length, I may just keep it that way.

The boys practiced a new song......

Matt lays down a bass track

I hiked, the bears are laying down tracks too

For some reason the deer I see are more relaxed lately

Clouds came, flimsy and gauzy though they were, I appreciated their effort.

It is the season of the goldfinch, they arrive in big waves, as I type I hear them peeping, tittering and snapping in my garden. They descend in swarms as I walk, they are like little explosions erupting from the dried sage, flitting and fattening up on the seeds.

We celebrated a birthday with a gorgeous chocolate, gluten free cake my friend Annie made with amazing flowers she created from sugar paste, beautiful and delicious!

cousins.....come on smile Silas :)

I worked on jewelry and have several new pendants I plan to finish today, I'll show you tomorrow, I hope you had a good weekend too.

What did you do?


  1. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. I spent Sat flying home from Northern Calif & Sun wishing I was still there:-( Now I'm back at work and so it goes. Your recent jewelry is lovely, especially the knock out oak leaf brooch, front AND back!! Enjoyed all the recent photos & stories too especially the aspen "eye", conehead deer & flock of goldfinches:)) Have a great day!!! xoxoxo

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend my friend!
    I like how you said you appreciated the cloud effort, gladly I see more our coming our way!
    can't wait for the rain in two days!
    How wonderful the boys of the band look.
    ooh and the cake! your friend did a lovely job on the flowers..pretty!
    I had a fun and meaninful Saturday. My sis and I went to a rodeo fundraiser!
    It was for "Ride for a Cure" in Sunland.
    a great event and the little rodeo was as fun as any big one on the circuit would be!

  3. This post makes me want to cheer:

    Go, boys!
    Go, bears!
    Go, dogs!
    Go, clouds!
    Go, finches!
    Go, Silas!
    Gooooooooooo, Super-Ro!!!!

    Okay, seriously, that cake looks phenomenal.

    The weekend here was all about revising a manuscript and cleaning projects that led one into another and watching a squirrel scale our giant sunflower stem apparently AFTER he had already stolen the seedhead--my sunflowers have been decapitated. Banjo, I need you!

    No cake, no cookies, no brownies here...have to do something about that....

    Happy October!

  4. Oh and "so it goes" Priscilla, I know just the feeling, trying to work and wishing to be carefree and cool, I'm so glad you got to GO though.

    Thank you!

    I hope your day was smooth with a renewed spirit.


    Hi Deb, I can say one thing, I'm glad Bryce is "not" a drummer, it all sounded a bit more pleasing from my closed studio :) I removed Marty too.

    Your rodeo sounds just wonderful and I know how much you enjoy your sis. I'm so glad you had fun and a rodeo for charity, can't beat that! nope

    If you ever need a special cake I have a very talented friend.

    I'm SO proud of you Caroline, congratulations!

    Banjo's "event" was really gross, not that one less menacing squirrel isn't appreciated, they do that same thing with my sunflowers, peaches, tomatoes, grrrrrr, sometimes they don't live to tell the tale....

    Yes cookies, I'm thinking chocolate❤chip

  5. yes, Jo's "event" was really gross, Its going to take me a long time to get over the trauma of seeing that squirrel go to squirrel heaven, much less Jo's doggy breath...
    oh well, that's nature for you, huh!
    ok...cookies..yes cookies, a better word picture!

  6. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful weekend, and that cake is mouthwatering.

  7. That cake looks too pretty to eat!
    My oh's a work of art!

    Ever since my youngest left for college, I have been missing her and all of her friends that were always at our house..... I see you have your son's band to liven up your place. (Lucky you!)

    My husband and I went to visit our daughter this weekend.....
    It was so nice to see her and meet her new friends. It was also great to know that she loves college and is very happy.

    I wish I could send you some of the cold rain that we have been experiencing the past few days! It's too soggy for me.

    Have a happy week!


  8. Hullo Rodeo-ro!

    So glad you had a good, busy weekend! Busy is good :)

    We had a fun Saturday night when my dad joined Ike and me for a birthday celebration at Cara's new apartment in Massachusetts. It was Sean's 27th birthday (yikes, I feel old!), so (naturally) Sean and his girlfriend, Emily were there also. "Housewarming" gifts for Cara, and birthday gifts for is good! Lots of laughs and good food....a wonderful time all around.

    Am joining Cinder in wishing I could "beam" across the country some of our continuing rain...I'm working on inventing a way to do it. :o)

    Am also continuing to covet all the items in GalleryDarrow...everything there looks beautiful! WOW.


  9. Yuck , sorry you had to see that Deb, I washed Jo's face with soap. c o o k i e s :)

    Oh it was delicious Evy, raspberry and whipped cream filling.

    Oh Cinder I'm sure you're having the empty nest blues but also so proud that your daughter is so well adjusted, life is just so full of change, sometimes good, sometimes more difficult.
    Oh yes if you have spare rain, I'll take it......gladly :) I guess too much could be a drag though I never remember having too much, all that flooding this year was very, very sad.

    Hi Lisa,

    Oooo it sounds like you had a mahvelous weekend. I bet Cara is thrilled, so nice to be surrounded and supported by loving family. I think at some point our children should stop having birthdays to prove how long ago it was that they were babies. Old, so what I say, we just need to stick together.

    MMMMM I can smell the rain, the wet humus, damp leaves, wet wood, chimney smoke, good barista weather! I'll have a soy latte. Please invent a way, it needs to be dispersed, lately it likes to stay in the same place far too long, wearing out it's welcome.

    Awww thank you, xoxox

    I bet it smells good though