Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walking in the Fog

Banjo and Scout

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

R. Carras


  1. Just beautiful, there's something so sincere and sweet about dog's gaze:)Beautiful shots, also really love the milkweed pods and earrings, my daughter loves picking the pods and pulling all of the silk out and sending it on the wind. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Okay, fog--yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    And SCOUT!!!!! Oh my gosh, I've missed you!!!!

    You and Banjo look wonderful together--although I notice Banjo understands the "thoughtful and noble explorer pose" and you have mastered the "Can we get on with the walk already?" look.


    Hope you are giving Ro a beautiful day!!!!

    P.S. LOVE that quote--but I've never seen it illustrated with two such wonderful dogs!

  3. Don't you just love Scout's expression!!


  4. Wonderful doggie portraits!! Banjo "appears to be" quite serene & Scout looks like she learned some life lessons before being rescued, but has now moved on with her life :-) Eye of the beholder, huh :))

    I love your recent agate & jasper necklaces - beautiful, imaginative silverwork!! Interesting to read about the dryhead name, thanks for the link & that poppy jasper is gorgeous!


  5. What a wonderful quote, Ro!

    The profiles of Banjo and Scout are priceless.

    Caroline, you are SO right in what each dog is saying:). And yes, Priscilla, it does look like our friend Scout has learned some life lessons! I love seeing the white of Scout's eyes.....and what a good hostess Banjo is!

    Thanks for these photos as well as the quote.

    Happy rest of your weekend!

  6. Hello Priscilla,

    Banjo is iron clad, she's in the "perfect dog" phase, now she needs to never get old :) Scoutie just follows her lead, it really easy. That second picture with the white of her eye showing is really expressive. I knew right after I shot it it was a keeper. Hard to shoot a jet black dog next to a white one.

    Thank you for the silver work boost, I'll always think of stacked, bleached, buffalo skulls when I think of that stone, interesting..

    Hi Lisa,

    Banjo is a good hostess, it takes her about an hour to let down her guard. The profile shot with the breeze blowing up their hair :) :)

    It's getting light out and I'm getting ready to take Jo hiking, hope you're all having a good weekend.

    Hug your pets xoxoxox

  7. really love that second photo. the fog is thick here at the beach too. i wish for it to clear so we can have the typically cool autumny weather. but it doesn't look like it's going to.
    have fun on your hike. :)

  8. That Scout :) What a cutie! I'm so glad for the update on her and to see how she is thriving. You are a true fairy godmother to dogs!

  9. i ditto ckdowns...and SCOUT!!!
    so good to see her w/Jo...
    cuz that (previous) slithering snake shot scared me away!


  10. Lol at the look on Scouts face in piccie #2! :)

  11. I know having all those grey days are difficult Lori, it, s hard to figure out what time of day it really is.

    Hi Carlene! She's really something, I'm glad to help :)

    Hi Nancy, Aww it was fun! sorry you were ssssssssscared, it was samall and sssssleepy.

    Don't you love it, Cherry Pie :)

  12. Such great pictures of your fur babies! Love the portrait shot of would make a great painting....beautiful dogs!