Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top of the Tuesday to Ya!

"Aquamarine Wide Band Corset Ring Sterling Silver ooak size 7 1/2"

I made just a few things for etsy. We're here planning our Christmas show and I have to admit the pressure is starting. etsy feels like it's at a kind of a standstill which I'm perceiving as a gift though I will still be adding new work, perhaps not with such great fervor. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past and present you are what keeps me going. Though etsy's slogan is "quit your day job" there have been times when my day job sounds enticing :) Etsy has a new (ridiculous) way to title work in order to get noticed which means I guess you need to "buy" an etsy ad or get lost in the bottom of the bin, so on this blog I'm titling my work just how etsy wants it, charming.

"Prehnite Wide Band Corset Ring Sterling Silver ooak size 8 1/2"

"The Most Beautiful Ever Spanish Style Cuff Bracelet with a Royston Turquoise Stone in the Color of a Clear Desert Sky Many Hours of Work with a lot of Sterling Silver Involved, Sized For a Medium Wrist, ooak "of course"

Netflix got greedy too and people dropped off like autumn leaves, now they're backpedaling. I know if it wasn't for this little blog I wouldn't sell a thing. Thank you for reading and especially for your comments, sometimes it really holds me up.

Have a super duper, ooak (one of a kind) Tuesday sweet peeps!
xo Ro


  1. I am so in love with the work you have been doing, truly heirloom pieces (I know that term gets tossed around a lot, but in this case it rings true). I haven't been doing much metalsmithing, but I've noticed now that I don't even get views like I was getting before Etsy changed, and I've seen many other sellers echoing your post. It seems many are complaining, and I don't see the benefit to the maker or the buyer with these changes. Wishing you a wonderful week, may your new pieces fly from your shelves and make people happy:)

  2. I know Susie if you haven't gotten you foot in the door already I don't think there's much hope, it's ll greed on etsy's part.

    You make me happy already!! Thank you :)

  3. I just love it Ro, I love how honest you are, and I think your just a fabulous person, inside and out...and so very talented. I remember when you started doing rings...you have progressed in such a short time to absolute amazing heirloom work, it blows my mind!
    These rings are so beautiful.
    and your bracelet...pick my jaw up from the ground.

    I know you are starting feel the stress getting ready for December, you have a lot of people who are rooting for you!!
    Churro will just need to get his wagon loaded, he will help and (I'll help you again in December!!)

  4. The rings and the bracelet are adorable. I look forward to your Christmas show, I hope I am around to come in person.


  5. Oh, that bracelet! Just gorgeous!

  6. Oh.....those rings......sigh.....Amazing. And that bracelet......I'm still wiping the drool off my keyboard and the nose print off my screen. I wished I lived close enough to come to your sales.
    And just to let you know, I'm wearing my feather ring today. It's very happy to see it's cousins :)

  7. WOW!!! these jumped off the page and into my heart! That cuff is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING Ro, I love your work so much, and this piece is truly a "one of a kind" (hehehe) masterpiece! Happy Tuesday!

  8. Ro, I really feel badly for people who've just recently come to Etsy; it's turning somehow and not in a lovely direction.
    I feel exactly like you do regarding the blogging: it's readers and word of mouth at this point with Etsy as a storefront.

    Your pieces, as always, are divine.


  9. Oh, you are sassy. Did YOU write this post, or did Little Miss Blue Belle write it for you?????? (I am snorting.)

    And of course I'll echo everybody else--these rings are fantastic--just look at all those layers and textures, and yet each stone STILL takes center stage--like with a whole orchestra in the background.

    And that cuff. THAT cuff.

    You know.

    And then your "official" name for it makes me howl!!!

    Oh, you!!

  10. Oh! hahahah LOL Caroline! I just re-read what you said, and realized...oh...it IS the name of that drop dead gorgeous bracelet..
    Heh, heh. I must echo....

    "Truly Amazing Work of Detail and Scroll and Matrix of Blue That Will Never Never Be Duplicated Again Because It Is Truly OOAK and Would Someone Pass Ro Some Aspercream Lotion For Her Beautiful Hands That Work SO Tirelessly"

  11. Deb! I love interfacing with you it's always a blast and yes I would love your help at the show you know more about the stones than I do :)

    Thank you Mona it was such a fun surprise meeting you, I couldn't stop laughing!!!

    Aww thank you Carlene, you're a peach!!!

    Happy Tuesday back Sierra, thank you you're OOAK too. I have to admit I never in my life had seen that acronym before etsy, now it's a "thing" :)

    Well Allison I was thinking about Bryce and Laura who are really puzzled after a good start to "nothing" not many views and searching their own items and not finding them. You know how much work is involved with making and listing, it's a drag.

    HAAAAA Caroline I can be sassy along with my monkey. She was out helping me clean up my mess when I vacuumed a tool and had to dig it out of the bag then I hooked the shop vac up backwards and blew the dirt weeeeeeeee!
    You know I'll list that title just how it is. I find it rather ridiculous to title work this way, could you tell? I wonder if there's a gallery or online store that would list anything like that? NO.

    Just got home from lunch with the retiree's if you want to know anything about Dancing With the Stars I could probably tell you. Heee heeeee!!

  12. TOO funny Deb!! I wonder if it will fit in that etsy box.

    some aspercreme for my OOAK hands :)

    Y.A.A.S.K you are all so kind ♡ yask a new "thing"

    I'm in a mood you should all come over!

  13. Wait! What?

    I was gathering up the courage to dip my toe into the Etsy pool.... Now I'm scared!

    Should I be? Really? Is it that bad out there?

    I'm a real rookie in this metalsmithing business, but I have heard some encouraging words about my work that make me want to give it a try.

    I think I'll stick with my plan.......nothing ventured, nothing gained. (Right?)

    : )

    I agree with all the others...your pieces are so beautiful. I just love your work!

  14. Thank you Sue your new work is stunning!!

    Etsy sent a note that it was 10 MILLION STRONG but it didn't mention if it was referring to sellers, buyers or both.

    Why not try it Cinder it's very time consuming but inexpensive. DONT discount selling to your own community, it really helps to make you feel valued, special and remarkable, I'll just put it that way :)
    btw, I'm still holding strong being an anti Twitter and a Facebooker, maybe that helps, I'm not spending all my day typing.

  15. Beautiful pieces Ro....the bracelet is drop-dead gorgeous and I LOVE the title.

    I am also upset with Etsy...I think they have just made too many changes and not for the better and it seems to be affecting many.

  16. WOW!!! Those rings are so gorgeous with all the textured layers & the bracelet is FANTASTIC!!! Works of ART.

    I don't sell on Etsy, but it seemed like a great venue for "handmakers" to reach tons of people - so it's disappointing to learn that it may be headed in a less positive direction.


  17. i've been so preoccupied i haven't noticed etsys shenanigans. but i do agree having a blog is wonderful for the seller and buyer. i don't think you'd have any trouble anywhere with your gorgeous pieces. even though i'm always a bit envious, it always makes me happy to see *sold* under your post photos.

  18. Yup, feeling your pain. And I'm no seasoned seller.... Don't ever stop creating, your pieces are truly gorgeous ♥

  19. Debbie, you CRACK ME UP!!!!!!! Maybe you and Ro should collaborate to namee her jewelry--heeheeeheeeeeee!!

    and does Aspercreme really work??

    YASK back at ya, Ro! :-)

  20. I think Etsy's been taking the wrong track lately, too. But I wanted to let you know that I found you through Etsy ... and then your blog, and then your husband's incredible work, and then your son's lovely little paintings. I now own several of your pieces, and Bryce's bluebird sits on our mantel. I'm grateful that Etsy provides a forum for me to have discovered your talented family. If you only sold to your community, who knows if I would have lucked into finding you; I'm on the other side of the country. I hope Etsy remembers things like that.

  21. Hi Ro-

    Carlene, you are too funny! And here I thought I was the only one with a nose print on my monitor!!

    And Caroline, my heart ALWAYS echoes what you write....the stones in the rings DO command center stage. They are something. Yum. Those textures.

    And Deb, you are so cute (and funny) to even remember the soothing cream for Ro's hands. (That's awesome.)

    And what, Ro? You got to meet Mona? No way! :o)

    So -- sassy Ro -- you know how I feel already about this sexy Senorita of a bracelet! She is *amazing*. I love every cm of her. Your eye for design is classic, elegant and beautiful. And that Royston turquoise absolutely holds its own! How can one NOT want that bracelet after reading the desciption?

    (My favorite part BTW is the "Stone in the Color of a Clear Desert Sky." But you had me at "The Most Beautiful Ever..."!!)

    Hope you had lots of smiles with the ladies at lunch. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall and watch you taking in the scoop from DWTS :).


    P.S. Cinder, I say "go for it." I, for one, will be fully supportive of your etsy endeavor!

  22. CK...YES...aspercream really helps!

  23. Ahhhh runaway blog!!

    They've tried these things before Sandi and failed we'll see what happens.

    Thank you always Priscilla, less positive I think, for the sellers.

    I know how busy you've been Lori, keep your spirit up!!

    You should be a seasoned seller Ms. Hill your work is stunning, take it out and sell it to your Australian neighbors, they will be amazed.

    What Caroline I think I did a splendid job of naming my work, I gave it my all :) YASK sister!

    Sharon you make my heart sing, sorry about the shop talk I should have taken a walk. It thrills us to no end that you found us and connected to our work. I will tell Bryce his painting is over your mantle HOW COOL!!

    Ha haa Songbird, you always make me laugh, oh yes I can scoop you all up on DWTS even though they are stars I never heard of half of them.

    What the heck Deb, I need to find out what aspercreme is, I'm thinking if you dab it on your temples your headache will go away.

  24. Hey Ro,
    I discovered Aspercream when I jammed my hand one day when I fell...rubbed it on three times a day..and it helped the ache!
    ..ok disclaimer here..I'm not a doc, heh, heh..blah, blah!
    I can't wait to hear about your DWTS scoop!
    love to all YASK sisters!
    (that can join our SOAR sisters!

  25. Good to know not a m.d. Deb. I had a Jerry Lewis moment hiking this morning twisted my ankle and nearly fell, sunglasses went flying. My dogs were laughing of course :) :) Aspecreme tomorrow ????

    YASK, Soar sis!!