Friday, October 28, 2011

Pal Jo-ey

Hiking this morning with my pal Banjo-ey

"I loathe people who keep dogs. They are cowards who have not got the guts to bite people themselves."
-August Strindberg :) :) :)

"Ociana" is sold

I'm working on rings. New work slated for Tuesday.

Have a superfantasticial weekend sweet peeps, Love Ro and Jo


  1. Ro- I love your banner...those how Banjo looks at the coyote...the quote is too funny...and the ring is divine. Have a great weekend dear friend! xx

  2. The photos of your pal intently watching & the quote made me smile/laugh :-) & the photo of your ring made me gasp!! xoxoxo

  3. Sometimes I think if it weren't for your morning hikes I'd get no exercise at all;) Love that stone, hope some lucky lady snatches it up quickly. Wishing you a super fantastic weekend as well.

  4. Susie, you are too funny!! (But I know what you mean.)

    Ro, good to see you and Jo out communing with the coyotes--and the deer is a bonus! Love the new banner photo--all those glorious leaves!!! Have a most wonderful weekend yourself--and I'm looking forward to seeing Churro's next wagonload--this ring is a tease, that's for sure....(and quite lovely!).

  5. I love the behind Jo's head photo' the perspective!

  6. your photos are always so lovely! i love the point of view, they're always a joy. (i'm a photo editor, i'd like to think my opinion counts for something! :) love the ring, very excited about more rings!!


  7. very cool photos ro! i'd love to hike with you. oh, and i love banjo and coyotes too!
    i hope your weekend is wonderful.

  8. great quote ha
    and love the
    between the
    and your new
    for that


  9. BTW, that quote makes me LAUGH!!!! Thought about it all day yesterday....thanks for that!!

  10. Well, hello pal Ban-joey and Roamin' Ro !

    I'm glad you got out for a hike. I, too, love the view over that sweet shape of Banjo's head. I really love seeing that beautiful, precious plume of her tail too!! :)

    Here is another dog quote that I've always loved:

    "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog."
    ~ Edward Hoagland

    !! Have a great weekend ♥.

  11. P.S. Oh no! I forgot to mention your awesome ring!! Oooooh lala......what is that stone Ro? She's really somethin' ..... and I love your simple setting -- makes the stone pop!

  12. I'm glad you enjoyed it Mona, have a wonderful week end! xo

    Hello Priscilla, I love that quote too, thank you for the ring love xoxo

    Ha haaa Susie you make me laugh, bring an umbrella!

    Hi Caroline, That quote is FUNny ! Jo is so good when she spots wildlife, all of her training has finally payed off. It feels like it takes forever.
    Hope you have some fun with your two.

    Thank you Sue, Jo's pov :)

    Hello Eve! Your opinion does count, thank you, I was thinking the coyote had the same pov.
    I spent all of yesterday in my studio :)

    Hi Lori, Your hikes look surprisingly similar to mine sometimes. I hope the sun sticks around for your weekend.

    And I like the view from your loo Linda. I bet it's fun exploring your new digs.

    Hello Birdie Pie,
    I must admit to agreeing with that quote. The funny part about it is, in order to communicate for training you MUST speak dog.

    The stone is chrysoprase , Laura looked at it and said, "It's the Ocean"

    Have a good weekend, hug the boys 4 me, xoxo

  13. Love that quote, TOO, Songbird!!!!!!!!