Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Work

I've been working on new pendants , enjoying the meditative quality of wire wrapping. I think it's interesting how we ride different currents with our work. Sometimes I feel like my work controls me instead of vise versa, I wonder if anyone else feels that way.

Well anyway, I need to take pictures and list these "little Graces", they will be in my shop later today, or possibly tomorrow.

I hope your day is filled with smiles :) :) :)

Love to you, Ro


  1. These little graces are amazing...more like big graces. xoxo

  2. well, ok, I gotta say it.....
    love!! love!!

  3. These Graces are full of light--looks like they'll share those meditative qualities you experienced with the new wearers, too.

    And, so, grace goes forth, in a most beautiful way.

    (And, yes, in my experience, sometimes the work takes over, when I get out of my own way. Those are the best times.)

  4. RO! The textures are so beautiful, I love them all and can't wait to see more pics in the listings!

  5. Ro, Ro, Ro...I so look forward to your "new work" and I am never disappointed...beautiful!

  6. YOU! all of you certainly brought smiles here...miles of smiles xoxoxo

  7. these are so pretty, and truly graceful. love them ro.