Monday, October 24, 2011

The in-between Season

Autumn is our in-between season, leaves are falling and things are sprouting. This is the time of year the "understory" greens up. I hiked yesterday and admired the new verdant hills with dead batteries in my camera so this is my garden.

We encourage the birds, with water elements, as a bird resort, we probably rank 5* unfortunately the coopers hawks know this too, lets just say they've been active lately.


I planted cosmo seeds late, the color of the season, or Cal Trans Orange for you locals, I'm sure it has a pretty name that I don't remember.

We are also host a lizard sanctuary, (not really) but if you came over you would think it was so.

Things are sprouting

Native Zauchneria for the hummingbirds, the color could be described as "inferno".

Funny how I acquired this plant, somebody came to one of our shows and put several one gallon native plants under a table, a donation.

bulbs sprouting

delicate flower, of the tiny eucalyptus torquata another hummingbird favorite.

soon, soon

skippers in abundance now

One only (1) ripening persimmon on the stick I planted a few years back that's grown into a small tree.

Eric thinks we should pick it ceremonially by suiting up in white and deciding who will hold the ladder. My funny hubby :)

Have a good Monday, I should be able to show you some jewelry tomorrow, (should)

xoxo Robird


  1. Oh, what a wonderful way to start my Monday...true, I'm at work...but I always check your blog before I get started. So, let me say..THANK YOU for my smile this morning. Mondays are not my fav day, but after seeing those little tweets doing the happy dance in your water feature all is well with my soul.
    xo sweet Ro!

  2. A sanctuary for plants, animals & humans :-)) SO lovely!! I think the one persimmon does deserve a ceremony :) From planting a stick, wow! xoxoxo

  3. My goodness those flowers are breathtaking....light through the blades of grass, the leaves...the perfect season! xoxo

  4. these photos should be collected into a wildlife calendar, Ro!

  5. Where the heck are you? I thought the US SW, but things green up and bud there in the fall? Because it gets cool enough?

  6. I like to start it that way too Deb but you already knew that :) xoxo

    He hee Priscilla what a stick, I better put on my best jewelry :P xoxooxo

    A gorgeous day today Mrs. g o r g e o u s !!!!!!!!XO!!!

    Aww thanks Kerin, bird geek here :P xoxo

    Shark, I live in S. California our native plants awaken in the winter, brown in the summer months, year round growing season for something, just add water.
    Because it's wet in the winter, dry in the summer.

  7. Hi Robird -

    I couldn't pick a favorite photo if I tried! As you know, we have a colorful fall here in NH, but the range of colors you have in your yard this time of year is amazing. I would absolutely hang around your place if I were a hummingbird :). And seeing those little birds bathe does my heart good!

    LOVE that blue sky behind your precious persimmon too. Wow.

    And what the heck is a skipper? Is that in the moth family?

    Thanks for the beautiful autumn photos♥.


  8. I bet your landscape is beautiful right now Lisa. The sun has disappeared behind rain clouds this morning, taking a break :) :)

    Good thing I'm the only one here that likes (loves) persimmons, that way I don't have to share.

    Skippers are very common late season butterflies, I assumed they were everywhere. They are small with little wedge shaped wings and heavy bodies and they are sharp, darting and flitty in flight. I looked them up on wikipedia for the fun of it and came across a most peculiar sentence that must have been added as a joke..............

    " These creatures are mostly made of delicious buttery goodness, and should be handled like the precious dairy decadency they are, mmm tasty! Hence the name "Butterfly" or "baconschnapps"

    "BACONSCHNAPPS!!!" drink or eat? Ha haaaa!!

    I'll never look at a skipper again with the same eyes :)

    love ya!