Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going Easy on Churro

Autumns Light.... is here
I have but one pretty offering this week. I'm having a busy one just like most of you and I'm trying to keep my footing. One of my studio days was a total disaster but those are also the days you learn the most, so even though they're annoying I've come to realize they are also valuable.

Even though the days are still warm here they're bracketed by cool evenings and mornings. The slant of the sun is different causing the mornings to seem like they last longer, everything is lit and glowing. I love the morning!!!!

The stone is a Dryhead Agate from Montana on 17 in chain with an extender that leads to a Mojave Desert Agate bead with a sterling acorn cap.

Such a strange name dryhead so I looked it up for you...... here......interesting.



I took the dogs out to see the sights this morning...

a beautiful morning sunfilled though it was, fog was just beyond the hills and when I got back home we were covered with a chilly gray blanket. (it felt good)

brown is laying down and green is popping up


milkweed, so pretty

milkweed beetles, little jewels

lovely weeds, I always forget to plant..


cute snake sunning

This is Churro's busy season too with all the hay rides and pumpkin patch stuff, so he's happy to get a break.

Have a super duper day everybody, xo Ro and the gang!


  1. Hey, Belle! Hey, Churro! You would have LOVED the "Haunted Hayride" held on our national wildlife refuge last week....maybe next year?

    That agate is TOO MUCH--I used to live by that mountain range--I remember one kid I taught who would go collect agates with his grandparents, who lived on that mountain. He never brought me any samples, though...just talked about all the work, but he loved his grandparents. You've given that stone a marvelous setting, Ro--all the bits and pieces and textures look very happy together!!

    On the run today--thanks so much for this photo break along your trail!!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful piece of agate!
    We too had the fog that is now gone giving way to the most scrumptuous temperatures!
    Churro says thank you Ro!


  3. Thanks for perching on my branch for a minute ladies.

    Next year I'll send Churro and he can haul all the tiny monkeys Caroline.
    Interesting stone facts, no wonder you have an infinity for that pretty rock.

    Mona, so glad things are going better and for cool temps, I love it all!

    It was rather small and somewhat adorable Deb though I didn't hug it :)


  4. itching
    to get to
    but no studio
    or materials
    (in transit)
    your frustration
    when things dont gel
    but no experience
    is a waste
    as you say
    still i am
    mighty fearful
    to get down
    and dirty
    for pure fear
    of failure
    enjoy the sun


  5. It's nice to get a break too Linda.

    Currently enjoying the fog xoxox

  6. The fog has finally managed to creep all the way up into the foothills this morning!! I can see now how lovely that blanket below I've been longingly looking at most mornings truly is... Your milkweed-inspired creation (I hope there are more to come in this vein!) and that beautiful setting for the Dryhead agate are both stunners... the depth of your creativity is a always a joy to see. *GRIN*

    So nice to see photos of all the critters that joined you for this walk too... I wholeheartedly agree that baby Gopher Snakes are cute! Though, last year around this time we somehow ended up with one crawling across our bathroom floor (!!!) -- nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw it. Frankly, though I like snakes much more than the average gal, I just was NOT prepared to see one on my bathroom rug. *GRIN*