Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For This Venerable Season

Shades of Autumn

I'm so happy the weather has finally turned chilly and rainy, I'm typing and listening to rain outside my open window plink off the changing leaves and slap the boulders in the garden. I'm enjoying working with a harvest color palate, choosing stones to honor this venerable season. When I bought this stone I marked the back "Tibetan Picture Jasper" maybe it was mined before China occupied the country because it looks an awful lot like the stone now called Cherry Creek Jasper (life is not a bowl of cherries for the Tibetans). it's a pretty stone nonetheless sporting a beautiful matrix and shades of the season.

The back has been imprinted, using a leaf skeleton I found along the creek in Palmer Canyon.

Pods descend the stone, reminiscent of the gorgeous leaves falling now from my Eastern Red Bud tree. ( I can take a hint :)

long and lanky on a 24in. chain. The pods dangle 6 more inches.


The kind of peace evoked when the rain gently streams down a windowpane, the landscape viewed beyond. Safe in you pod, warm in your home, car, trailer, yurt, pup tent, camper shell, teepee. I love these stones sometimes called peanut obsidian :( I like the name Mexican Poppy Jasper better.


24 in. chain, the pods dangle 6 more inches

Both pendants are scaled similar to this one though I have not bothered busy Laura, yet for pictures.

Balancing Act

I think the name for these earrings is pretty easy to figure out. GORGEOUS and unusual ocean jaspers stones look like Van Gogh's stars.

I balanced them with brass plumb bobs OOAK for sure :)

Generously sized, slightly over one inch across and 2 1/2 inches long. If you are interested in any of these pieces, or would like any information regarding this work, please contact me through etsy or email.

Have a beautious day, thanks for stopping by for a moment! xoxo Ro


  1. Oh Gosh....these are all so beautiful....all of them xxxo

  2. I really love the necklaces, but I think those earrings may be my favorite, those brass dangles really make them sing. I'm getting the itch to work with metal this weekend, and I've pulled out some cherry creek and picasso jasper myself, they so embody the colors of fall:) We're enjoying a temperature of 85 today and sunshine with a high expected in the 50s tomorrow, sometimes it's hard to keep up around here;) I love seeing your pictures from yesterday, most of our tree frogs and skinks are hibernating already, and the hummingbirds are long gone (I guess it just makes it that much sweeter when they reappear come spring). Wishing you a wonderful day.

  3. Love all of your newest creations!

    I have to say that the earrings with plumb bobs are a favorite.
    Growing up with a land surveying Dad and now my husband is the surveyor, I am attracted to plumb bobs! Ha ha
    (We have a rather large collection of them.)

    I love the "starry night" stones too.
    I must show them to my husband, with some heavy hinting.......Christmas is just around the corner!
    : )

  4. Oh swoon! I love those little dangling pods.
    Mexican Poppy Jasper does sounds better.
    I am one of those rare people who does not like peanuts! Crazy I know :)

  5. Lo and behold--these works are gorgeous!!

    The stones and their accompanying pods look marvelous--and a bit carefree--love this design!!

    And those earrings--so elegant!! Who knew plumb-bobs had it in them?? (And thanks for the link--I learned today!!)

    Hope you're enjoying the rain...we have it here, too, all day, sometimes masquerading as snow. Would have been a good day to stay home and bake cookies...and send to Churro....

  6. Thank you Mona!!! xoxo

    Gosh Cinder, I've always loved tools and wish I had a plumb bob collection I think they're beautiful. Jewelry in a mans tool box!

    Thank you Tess, peanut anything sounds rather low brow if you ask me and for such a pretty stone. I like peanuts okay but I think they smell awful and I'm glad they stopped serving them on airplanes when I'm already queasy :P

    Thank you Caroline, we have the rain in common and being out of the house all day. It's a serious soup day and......cookies, warm ones, chocolate should be involved.


  7. yummmmmmy, it is a soup day! and crusty french bread.
    gorgeous pieces Ro!

  8. Thank you Susie, I hope you get some quality jewelry time.

    ooof 85 :( I'll take the rain but it will probably be 85 tomorrow, I'm not looking, living for the moment :)

  9. just gorgeous. i love the necklaces, the stones and your designs are married perfection. and your header photo ro, it's fantastic.

  10. A soup day today too Deb!! xoxoxox

    Thank you Lori, your work is gorgeous too!!

  11. I love all these pieces SO much!! xoxoxo

  12. Along the trail, indeed...I love the journey! The whole experience of checking in on your blog is such a treat -- your work is inspiring and so appropriate for autumn. It truly sings of the season......and you had me at your new banner!! lol

    I know I've said it before, Ro, but your pieces are so special...lucky are those that have "lifted" your latest offerings from the gallerydarrow shelves :).

    And how perfect is the name "Balancing Act" for those wonderful earrings? You are really somethin'!

    P.S. I love how you can "take a hint" (as you say) from nature!!♥