Thursday, October 20, 2011

For the Love of Weeds

Milkweed is here

and also here

xo Ro


  1. really lovely rendering of a milkweed! how very special ~ love it!

  2. I love these, and love the milkweed too...I forgot to comment yesterday how beautiful I thought they were...and FYI...Little Ollie has started to eat little pieces of food much to our delight! : )


  3. Love the way you love weeds...which really aren't the enemy. :-) Milkweed is special, and you've done her proud....

  4. Thank you so much honey bunches!

    Nope not the enemy Caroline :)

    I love you all !!!!xoxox

  5. oh my gosh, Ro! these are so fantastic. great job!!

  6. happy to see even lovely weeds serve as inspiration for you. :)

  7. These earrings are wonderful! I LOVE them. And I love your description of them with the pearls the color of down.

    Please ask lovely Laura to order 2 of all of her articles of clothing...if you ship them, I'll reimburse you. I would love one of everything!!! :P lol Your new pendant looks stunning BTW!! It is beautiful.

    P.S. Anyone else here used to pick the dried milkweed pods and spray paint them gold or silver when they were a kid? (They look great in a vase.) I used to do this before the holidays with my mom :).


  8. I'm not a big jewelry fan, but those are beautiful.

  9. Just wanted to say that I had the opportunity to see those earrings for myself today and they are even more lovely in-person than the photos imply. It's a lucky lady that ends up being their owner!


    P.S. Ro, I soooo wanted to stay longer and catch-up with you. It was too short a visit, I know. Hoping you'll give me a do-over sometime soon!

  10. Hi, Songbird--as a little kid in South Dakota, milkweeds AND cattails were good project fodder for our elementary classrooms. :-) Mine never looked too elegant, though!! I can't help it--I just love milkweed--the pink flowers, the caterpillars attracted by the plants, and then those amazing pods!

    When I lived in Worland, WY, along the Bighorn River, there was a business operation in a town north of us that paid for the mature pods--they were experimenting with using the down from the seeds as insulation, instead of goose down or synthetic materials. Not sure they did well...but it was fascinating!

    Thanks for the on-location review, Harsi--lucky you!!

  11. I just found your blog. Your organic jewerly is beautiful. :-} Lorraine

  12. Thank you Sam you know how fun forging can be, banging away :)

    Gracias Lori ♡

    Lisa you crack me up, I'll tell Laura :)

    I never spray painted milkweed pods but when I was teaching crafts in grammar school we used a liberal amount of gold and silver spray paint. I think it would be beautiful.
    I remember ironing colorful leaves in waxed paper though.

    Thank you Shark, that's a real compliment then.

    Well the whole day was like that Harsi I rushed around and people came by, I barely had a moment to look at this here computer. It was good to see you brief as it was.

    Wow Caroline that's really interesting, it seems like it would take billions of pods, I wonder what ever resulted???
    I love milkweed too and there's so many interesting varieties, some of the flowers look so exotic, nearly tropical. Do you have some on you farm?? I always want to let them naturalize in my garden.