Monday, October 17, 2011

Come in, Come on in

Welcome to the tiny house of peace. I think everybody should have their own detached space, no matter how small, actually small is good, it's cozy, sometimes I call my studio "three's a crowd" because two is lovely and three is nearly impossible, if three are in, I ask everybody to "suck in " :)

Our relative Paul, built her in my perennial garden. We replaced a huge butterfly bush and a bougainvillea that was getting out of hand with a sturdy cedar, tiny studio. The wood is from Oregon, Paul drove it down in his rig, I bet it smelled heavenly inside.

*tile by my husband, snake skin, and nest, junque from the trail.

little birds I used to sell at shows, peace dove with olive branch

souvenir weeds from New Mexico, in Eric's handsome vase

I painted the walls a comforting warm buckskin that feels like a hug. A wire sculpture made by my talented son, business cards, wire business card holder by me.

A beautiful pot-pourri filled piece form my friend Barbara on etsy made out of an antique crazy quilt and antique buttons, makes the place smell mighty fine. Forged hook by an aspiring blacksmith I met from Washington.


close up of stuff

* photo; My son skateboarding when we were revamping the house, new paint, new front entrance door, grass gone, still need to tear down the ugly fence, Bryce sailing through the air with no helmet .

Zipper barnacles by the talented Ms. Laura

Earring display stored in the rafters.

Magic soldering station and me

My bench

More tools
I decided I would buy a proper jewelers bench for more storage but none of them fit under my window sill and I LOVE my sill, so no proper bench for me.

It's lovely, I have a nice view of the garden, hummingbirds sip all day on the cardinal climber I planted just outside my window. Lizards wander in and out when I have my door open.

sill stuff

etsy jewelry.....

Thank you for visiting, y'all come back now, hear........
xoxo Ro

P.S. Remember "Scout" the little dog we wrenched into our truck and out of traffic? Some of you long time blog readers will remember her. We looked for her owner to no avail after we found her, then I gave her to my friend Helen. Scout is visiting Banjo while Helen is traveling so we took an extra long walk this morning to celebrate.

I love Scout ♥♥♥, she fell into her old routine around here like she had never left and Helen, a woman who keeps her emotions in her pocket finally admitted she loves her too.

Have a wonderfilled day!!


  1. I know that lovely studio and could not agree more that everyone should have one, even if they are not making beautiful jewelry.

    So nice that Scout is visiting Banjo, nothing like dog visits! xoxo

    ps- love those peace birds you used to make

  2. Aww Sweet Ro! I heart your studio, and I heart, heart YOU!
    Hmmmmm, a visit is calling! Friday?
    I need to say a re a-quaint hi to Scout again anyway. (How cute, emotions in a pocket!)
    Jo and Mart and Mr. Potter too if he is afoot!

  3. You have a wonderful studio! Thanks for the tour.
    I imagine pictures of your walk with Scout and Banjo will be coming soon:)

  4. REALLY enjoyed a glimpse into your lovely little studio & workbench!!! Your collections of this & that:) I can see why you wouldn't want to give up your window sill. I do like Bryce's sculpture & Laura's zipper barnacles!!

    Are those beautiful necklaces new?

    I remember Scout! Glad you both are enjoying a visit :) xoxoxo

  5. I agree Mona, a detox space, to read or write, to think, to hug a cat perhaps..
    Scout is a lovely guest.
    peace birds :)

    I heart you back Deb, YES, come over red rover!!

    Hello Shannon, Oh yes I'll have more pictures, thank you for visiting!

    Hi Priscilla, Glad you enjoyed it!
    Yes, I made the pendants this weekend.
    Oh, we all love Scoutie, she is so deserving of a wonderful home.

  6. Hi Ro,

    Thanks for the tour! Your studio is "just right."

    Your etsy jewelry is so pretty.

    I also love your peace birds.

    Have fun with Scout.

    : )

    I'll be there
    red rover over!

  8. Totally enchanting, from Scout's shadow and Bryce's wire sculpture (and amazing skateboarding form) to Laura's barnacles and the view from your window.

    I think I want to come and write here....

    Debbie, please give Scout a hug from me.
    Ro, the new necklaces look that a Teepee Canyon agate I see???

    Thanks for the tour--and may I say good use of a formerly unmanageable bougainvillea zone.

    (Bougainvilleas on the prairie do not behave in such an ungainly fashion--they are polite because they want to be welcomed INDOORS during the winter.)

  9. thank you for the invite, i so enjoyed this ro. your space is inspiring, i do love that color you painted, love everything. and oh that peace bird.

  10. How nice to have Scout back for a visit...lovely studio pics and beautiful are surrounded by an abundance of inspiration and beauty.

  11. Well, my goodness.......having a little tour of your special space is like having a big hug! To be enveloped in such beauty! And all with the backdrop of that yummy, warm color. Everything looks lovely -- and I echo everyone else's sentiments. Bryce's sculpture is amazing, and Laura's art is wonderful, and your dove is so lovely too. Your windowsill and bulletin board are so fun to see. Very cool.

    And I haven't even gotten to your two new creations hanging there tempting us all :o) !! Am waiting with baited breath to learn more above those beauties....♥

    Welcome back, Scout! Ro, please give her some belly rubs, and serious scratches behind her ears for me. Okay, let's just go down the line, first Scout (she IS a guest), then to Jo and Marty-pants!! (Oh what the heck, give Mr. Darrow a scratch behind the ear too! lol )

    xoxo to all & happy Tuesday

  12. Thank you Cinder good to have you :)

    Deb (smiling too)

    Hello Sweet Caroline, don't worry Deb is good with the hugs. Gosh, you have Dakota eyes! Yes a Teepee Canyon, though I don't know when I have time to show them, I forgot I had classes this week now I'm excited to see my jewelry friends.
    Keep your bougie warm if it was here it would grow thorns and take over the garden, but if there's frost it's a shrinking violet. kaput!

    Glad you stopped by Laurie, you're space looks peaceful too, no hammering either ;0

    Thank you Sue, Three sleeping dogs as I type :) The garden always inspires.

    Thanks for swooping in and perching a bit Ms. Bird, I knew you would like it.
    Will give belly rubs kisses and scratches behind the ears to all even Mr Clay :)


  13. HI Ro.. I, too, pined for a jewelers bench. Though I really needed one for the height and the drawers and the realness of it and all those other things we rationalize to be necessary. And so I saved up and got one. And I moved all of my things onto it and started working. And then I realized that the top was too tall for me to plan out my pieces, or do stone setting, or sketching or anything really except to hold stuff. So then I only used it for cutting, sawing and flexshafting. But going back and forth between the table and the bench was really annoying and messed up my flow. So I just made my regular table tops a bit taller and got a chair that raises up and down and moved everything back to my tables. I like all my stuff in one place.. and the bench made it really hard.
    Just some things to ponder before you shell out big money for a bench.
    I can tell by your set up that we work in similar enough ways.
    I also moved my studio into the new house... I'll throw up some pictures soon. xo

  14. I ♥♥♥ your little studio. It's something I wish for one own tiny little house just for smithing! Love that dove too!

  15. Thank you for the tour! Have fun, Scout!

  16. That's good info Sam, I'd like to design one for us shorties. I was going to try one out first in the big city because they do look so massive. They need Papa, Mama and Baby bear sizes :)

    Thanks Ms Hill, I hope you get one of your own :)

    Hi Cyn!! Good to see you, yes you remember our girl!
    Hope all is going well for you these days.....xo