Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ants Imitate Art, Art Inmates Life, possibly

Ant dwellings along the trail :)

My father- in-laws recent newspaper cartoon, :)

Caught in the Tide are available here.

I hope you are all well and staying on track. Banjo just snuck out the door (almost) to chase squirrels. When I found her outside she had slammed the end of her tail in the door and wagged blood all over herself and the patio. I think I have it stopped now and have commanded her to lay down and stop wagging.

Here's to a productive day, laugh a little, keep your chin up, wag by all means WAG!! xo Ro


  1. I frequently wonder about the same...who is modeling for whom? I like Picasso's special model.

    PuffyPants had diarrhea, I had to get up four times last night to clean after the poor he is over at the vet's

    Poor Banjo...

    What is going on? Caught in the Tide?


  2. Haha I like the little "pig" face you found. Very creative.

    The comics are always great...we don't get the courier so I always read it at your casa.

    LOVELY are those earrings! Beautiful new work for the autumn season - looking forward to modeling more :)

    you're the best!!!

    Laura :)

  3. p.s. thanks for the hair trim!

  4. Need I say how much I adore the first photo?! These ant hills are dotting the trails here in great numbers too... it can be hard to avoid stepping on all of them! A bit like playing the "don't step on the crack" game in an area with reallllly old sidewalks.

    Heh heh... I had no idea that your F-in-law did cartoons as well! Such a very, very talented family you Darrows are!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon... xo

  5. P.S. To Banjo and PuffyPants... I wish you both a swift recovery from your ailments. Fortunately, you have fantastic humans to take care of you!

  6. Okay, love the ants and Picasso--who knew that ants loved Picasso, too??

    "Caught in the Tide" is a stunning design, Ro--just read the "product description"--who COULDN'T use a pair of those earrings???? These resonate calm, with enough motion to respond to those tides, instead of resisting and breaking....

    Goodness, all around.

  7. Our pets do keep us humble Mona. I hope Puffy is back home now, poor you the caregiver all night long.

    Don't upi love it Laura, I liked the pig nose too. Thank you for all your help, I so appreciate you. Yes Paul will be 90 this year but he still comes up with new cartoons, he's remarkable.

    Any time you need a little cut :)


    HARSI!! You've been a quiet one, quietly stepping over ants. THank you yes we all have "the curse" as Eric calls it.

    Jo is fine, though it was really hard for her to tame her wag, she's always so happy.

    Look forward to seeing you! xoxo

  8. Me either Caroline, those ants are paying attention.

    Sometimes life feels like a riptide and any ocean swimmer knows you you cant buck it you just have to swim with the tide.

  9. Oh dear, give Jo a scratch between the ears from me.
    Silly squirrel chaser dog.

  10. so beautiful ro, love the earrings and the name.