Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirteen Track

*reserved Damselfly size 81/2

I've had so much interest in "the others" I didn't have time this morning but I'll show them now. Thank you all for your questions.

Labradorite with etched damselfly wings and a button with a scene from the river.

This ring is weighty and delicious

Cliff Rose size 9 1/2

Royston turquiose with a pretty brush stroke

Patterned band with a bitter bush or cliff rose cut and soldered. That beautiful plant now with a desert sky.


Prehnite and Blossoms size 6 1/4

I wanted to design a ring using less silver, built for comfort and more affordable. I designed these rings and Laura and I started to call them "corset rings" I think they're wonderfully feminine with the edges scalloped.

but you don't have to squeeze in tight I left room to move.

I really love them and Laura says they make your fingers look slim. he heee

*sold Moon Glow 8 1/4

Moon Glow is comprised of a moody faceted labradorite full moon an etched and scalloped band.

with wiggle room...........

Thank you so much everybody for your interest in my trip and in my jewelry. If you have any questions send me a convo, I'll be happy to answer them.

xo RR

*see the post below for more rings not yet on etsy


  1. do the rest please : )

  2. That's it! ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ✶✶✶✶✶✶✶✶

  3. There we go again- who took my moon glow?

  4. Shoot me a line and I'll build one just for you Moona :)

  5. stunning. every single one of them ro. i am not surprised when i see SOLD under them all.

    i really like seeing the rings on your pretty model, the photos are great and it's easy to see the true size and shape!

  6. Oh... gorgeous...just gorgeous. Thank you for giving me a goal. ;)

  7. Breath-taking...each one a little masterpiece, silver and stone telling its own story.

    And you know which one would be my favorite.
    Incredible band and stone!!!!!!!

    I love the way you love what you do....

    P.S. "Corset rings" -- GREAT idea!!!!!

  8. I keep feeling the same tug of using less silver, and then I find some huge stone in my collection, and I can't resist. Uggh.
    Love what you're doing with the etching.

  9. You ladies fill my heart, you're always so good to me. Thank you for your kindness xoxoxox