Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rockin' Robin

My son Bryce is painting again. He's gotten together a rather large body of small bird paintings and reopened his etsy shoppe.

I should do some time lapses of his paintings to show you but he preferrers to work when I prefer to sleep.

He's painted several 3x3 canvases that are fun to display in small spaces or on a shelf.

Every year we are happy hosts to Red-Tailed Hawks making their way into the skies. The young ones perch around our home and cut handsome figures on poles and trees. They fly so low over our house my little dog ducks for cover.

* The picture in my header is an immature red-tail taken in my garden, note the light tail feathers and dark brown patterns, those feathers will molt and the bird will become more red in color.

They never go unnoticed because they spend most of the time screaming. They sound like a penny whistle being blown too hard and the sentence is repeated over and over. You can tell when they begin to mature because the noise decreases until you see them silently careening in the sky, drifting or hunting.

Bryce was asked by one of our friends who owns a local music store if he would like to display his work in their window.

So we mocked together a display....

The Folk Music Center was established in 1958 and remains an important gathering place for music and culture and sometimes sweet little paintings.

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last night

When he's not paining he's still spending his time rockin' with Cogito his band.

Thank you to everyone who have generously collected his work on and off etsy, all of our work for that matter.

Sending you warm regards from the Darrow household, xo Ro


  1. Thanks for posting the link to the Folk Music Center. The only place near here that carried accessories for dulcimers (hammered and mountain) and other various instruments closed and I have to purchase online.
    Glad to hear Bryce is painting again.
    I will check out his Etsy shop!

  2. Oh good Cyn, yes they can help you. I hate to see those valuable business close, FMC is deeply rooted, it's a wonderful place.

    I'm glad he's painting too!

    Thank you Shark, one of our favorite subject matters too.

  3. I have a feeling that your son was exposed to a lot of art and nature as a boy. His art is a reflection of what he was brought up to love. He is very talented.
    I'm always drawn to bird paintings. : )

    He's a lucky guy to have parents who are so supportive of his art and music. That's the way it should be.

    Love the window display!


  4. gosh ro, i'm proud of him and he's not even my son. incredible!

  5. Bryce IS talented! Like his parents!! The window display of his paintings looks great. I like those hawk photos too!

    Btw, the artwork above the storefront is wonderful. xoxoxo

  6. Please count me in as a BIG fan of Bryce's work. To say he is talented in so many ways is an understatement!!

    Kudos to you and Eric for fostering his love of the arts :) (Yup, he IS lucky to have you as two of his biggest fans!)


  7. You are all so very sweet, thank you SO much for your encouragement it really means the world xoxoxoxox