Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Quiet

This is what I'm currently working on. I'm enjoying creating bits of this and that, pods, moons, stars, suns, bleached bones, raindrops, a bits blue of sky peeking through the clouds. I snapped a few branches from the brambly tumbleweeds we dodged in our truck and dangled them below these really gorgeous "Open Range" beauties.

Open Range

Everyone here is back to work, back to school, I've signed on for several jewelry classes, the first was on Saturday all day and nearly two hours on the road. Eric has started back in production, he works at night til the wee morning hours. I'm enjoying my work so much I spent too many hours in my studio yesterday without realizing it. When I came in Eric had a batch of broccoli soup already on, Y U M eee!, leave out the cheese and olive oil for lower calories, this soup is simple and delicious, we serve it with rustic bread and a glass of red wine for a meal.

I'm sitting in the quiet wondering what you are up to, I'm reading The Bean Trees and
The Poisonwood Bible both are by Barbara Kingsolver and enjoying them both. During the day I visit Africa and in the evening I go to Tucson and visit a young girl trying to find her way. What are you reading, what's capturing your imagination?

Every Tuesday I have a lunch date with two elderly friends, it all started because I knew them both very well but they didn't know each other. Both have lost their husbands who were the love of their lives, both married their high school sweethearts. I thought they would start doing things together and I would bow out but I must say I enjoy their company as much as they enjoy each other and I'm curious to see what they've been up to since I missed the last two lunches.

I'm off to a morning in my studio, picking up where I left off, building, tiny pretty things in the quiet, listening to my imagination.



  1. Beautiful new work! I'll have to check out the books you're reading. I'm always on the hunt for a good read. I'm on a Louis XIV kick. I'm reading about his mistresses, just finished one and started another. I've also just stared one about Marie Antoinette. I guess I'm on a French kick! Enjoy your lunch and friends..and, it's good to know I'm not the only one who reads multiple books at once. :-)

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOVE "The Bean Trees"--have "The Lacuna" on my stack, along with "The Poisonwood Bible."

    Just finished "Under the Twisted Cross," a fictionalized account of a North Dakota soldier in a German POW camp, written by his daughter decades later. Author Margaret Barnhart just spoke at our school and to our book club yesterday--she's a college professor and a fine writer. I don't usually read combat or POW stories, but this is very compelling and character-driven--would recommend to anyone from high school students on--hear bits of history that get left out of the textbooks!

  3. All right, got a little carried away there...Ro, the starry turquoise of your open range is just incredible....you do the desert proud!!

  4. Hey Ro, Happy earrings! Thank you for the broccoli soup link, I will check it out because I love soups and I love broccoli. My husband would be thankful to eat something different. : )

    I am reading Power, Sex, and Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of LIfe...hee hee, I bet you went WHAAT?!! It is science : )

    I will mark your books and add to my read list.

    Lovely that you are hanging out with these lovely ladies...I too have a couple of friends like that and I am always fascinated when they tell stories of their times and their lives.


  5. Oh, mitochondria are fascinating...is that a book the average person can find???


  6. XO Ms Bird Loving chirps sent your way OX

    I've gotten on those kicks too Amy, happy traveling though the ages. I usually read more than one but no more than two.

    I think The Lacuna will be next Caroline oh gosh Poisonwood is a TREAT! I was going to send you The Bean Trees if you hadn't already read it, I love her writing, such a fun character. It sounds like you're gobbling something interesting, it's fun to read about someone local even though fictional.

    HA HAA I thought you were thrown by chef Ramsey :) :)

    Wow Mona it sounds like C S I some kind of forensic tale, I suppose cells do have sorted lives.

    My lady friends were a delight!!

    MO NAAAA Caroline has a question for ya :) :) xoxoxox

  7. I positively adore The Bean Trees. And The Poisonwood Bible, too, has a place in my heart.

    Your pieces are so lovely.

  8. Ro, Kingsolver is always grand: two very different books, those!!! The Poisonwood Bible haunted me for years.

    The earrings are so dreamy!!


  9. Thank you Megan, I'm enjoying both books, Kignslover is masterful with her images, I love the slang she includes.

    I'm having fun working :)

    I should say Allison, I would have wild dreams if I read Poisonwood before bed so I drift off with tales of life in a scruffy part of Tucson.

  10. Love the new earrings Ro....I love the little "pods/stars" that encircle the turquoise.

    I seem to always have multiple books going...I just finished "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" by Lisa See...it was a wonderful read; I highly recommend it. I am also reading "The Help" and I am always waiting for James Patterson's newest book. Are you an eReader or do you like the feel of a book in your hand? Hubby and I both have Kindles and we absolutely love them.

  11. How do you make the tumbleweed red like that? It isn't really that color is it?

  12. Fantastic earrings!! Curious about what your jewelry classes are focused on-new techniques? The high desert storm cloud photos are wonderful & those are lovely treasures you found :) xoxoxo

  13. Hi Sandi, Oh I loved Snowflower, the film came around but I didn't have time to see it. The Help was wonderful also the film, I loved it.
    Nope just good ol' paper books that way I can pass them along.

    Only in your imagination, Shark, it's really natural coral.

    Hi Priscillla, I was taking a class on the hydraulic press making different projects to press etc. I always learn a lot of new tricks and Ideas not only from the instructors but also from the students.

    Oh gosh that 7 up bottle bit is so charming I think I'm going to make a pendant for myself using it.