Monday, September 19, 2011

In the High Desert

When the rain and hail threatened to wash us away up on the mountain we drove down to the desert to have a look around. It's always nice to have so many options I must admit. The rain at the lake was beautiful bliping the water into a million trampolines, washing the mosquitos away, the smell of wood fires, still the desert holds so much especially when it's cool and cloudy.


rolled and rolled above us, cut a gorgeous silhouette in the clouds

Thunder grumbled in the distance, we knew rain was headed our way as we walked through the rabbit and brittlebush scuffed sage which became our scent. We collected pumice which we share and use, looked for red flecked obsidian, junk. We watched for rattlers and saw so much deer and antelope scat it must have been a sight when they were all there playing. Try not to sing :)

desert protection :)

rock formations des art!

Eric just had to climb around, he said he was looking for petroglyphs


our little desert abode, truck bed

junipero (juniper)


I'm in my studio creating some new relics today, wonderful junk. I hope you have a good and productive day too.

xoxo Ro
*where seldom is heard a discouraging word, but sometimes the skies are cloudy all day.


  1. Love the pictures Ro so much!!
    I just get a kick out of the vintage 7-up bottle chip, what a great find!
    Hey fellow peeps, you have to click on Ro's picture to see it closer! so cool!

  2. Sea glass and desert glass, both with stories to tell! VERY cool!

    I can almost smell the desert and that rain--rabbitbrush and sage after a thunderstorm, some of my favorite fragrances, although you would never sell any as a scented candle.

    Well, of COURSE Eric was looking for petroglyphs--you have to go climb around just to see, just in case, right??????????

    P.S. I'm glad you sang....

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. Like Carolyn said, you can almost smell and feel the storm.

  4. Storms are just as beautiful as nice days

  5. Hi Mona!

    Deb very much like Bend really :)

    Oh Caroline the scent magnificent! I agree glass old bottles rusty stuff, too much fun plus climbing around and singing it can hardly be improved upon.

    Those storms were truly invigorating Sandi everyone loved them save my Yorkie who can't stop shivering.

    Agreed Shark, I love it all except too much heat.