Thursday, September 15, 2011

Greetings from a Twelve Track Mind

Vignette size 9

Before I left on my trip I experienced an episode of excellent studio flow, who knew I would find the scene in this gorgeous stone. What kind of stone is it, I honestly don't know and either did the elderly gent I bought it from. It's beautiful with a pale blue sky and clouds, desert scrub and sagebrush I would say but that's the kind of land I know and love.

a beaded frame was in order

and a few bay leaves from the trees growing along the creek.


*sold Bodi size 8

Dendritic manganese painted across this stone like a bleeding watercolor or perhaps a scrap of an old photo weathered in time. This agate is so perfectly cut. I set it in a frame that looks like an old tin ceiling......

I like the way the dendrite flows in the stone from thick to thin so I emphasized it with silver beads.

textured band


*sold Lichens size 81/4

I have a fondness for old things crumbling things, I like rust and rot and watching the earth reclaim. I crated a sturdy frame for this moss agate that tells such a story. The rock includes a few tiny druzy pockets of glittery crystals.

click the picture to enlarge to really see the stone....

I added a bit of the old west texture to the band

I haven't set big stones for rings in a while, it was fun.


I have four more rings, two saddle rings and two corset rings coming down the turnpike, I'm trying to return to the swing of things.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.
I'm typing under gray skies, yippee!!!!
xo Ro


  1. Beautiful As Always!!
    Hope you are well :)
    xo Juli

  2. oohhhh ahhhh, my heart skipped a beat!!
    love, love them Ro!

  3. Love the way you've framed these...lucky cabs!! And lucky will be the women who wear these....

    (Top one could be Medicine Bow agate from Wyo.??? Maybe????? Looks very similar to some of my samples, but don't quote me--some Idaho dendritic agates look very similar.)

  4. hello friends!

    Julie hope you are doing well too!

    I'm trying to transition back, I'm out to reclaim the garden, working through the laundry and putting stuff away.

    Ohhhh those stones Deb yum!

    It could be Caroline the man I bought it from had a bazillon stones but this was the one for me. I think that's a very educated guess.

    Hello Mona!! xoxo

  5. Welcome back!
    Beautiful work as always! :)

  6. Super Gorgeous Rings!! And some stunning stones you've used :)