Sunday, September 18, 2011

Late Season Peaches

Grapes grow up a difficult and
sloped terrain. A soft line of poplars
shimmer in the disappearing light.
At midnight, the poor move
into the train stations of Italy,
spread out blankets for the children,
and pretend to the police they have tickets
and are waiting for a train.

The statue of Bacchus is a contrast
with his right hand holding a shallow but
wine-brimming cup. His left hand
reaches easily into the cornucopia
where grapes ripen and burst open.
It is a vivid dream: to wake
from the statue's grace and life force
to the suffering in the streets.

But the truth is the cornucopia
is open to all who are alive,
who look and feel the world in
its pristine beauty -- as a dragonfly
hovering in the sunlight over clear
water; and who feel the world
as a luminous world -- as green plankton
drifting at night in the sea.

*The Corucopia by Arthur Sze


  1. Thanks for this cornucopia...the poet is so cornucopia was filled with September blue skies today and fresh tomatoes and prayer and kind words from friends...

    and even a few dragonflies, still winging along the final days of summer....

  2. I was busier than 12 bees this weekend, and I'm looking forward to getting back to a rhythm.

    I did get a nice hike under wonderful damp gray skies in what only cold be described as tinder at this point, the hills are so dry.

    Still the world continues with her beauty as I watch a busy hummingbird right outside my window.