Thursday, September 22, 2011

good JUnK

I'm sure most of you are the same way, collecting bits from your trips "souvenirs" a word that feels rather out of date now. When I was little souvenir shops were so much fun with all that kitsch, I'm sure I would have longed for a tiny birch bark canoe and I must have gotten lucky at times because I remember a sailor hat with cherries embroidered on it stating that "Life is a Bowl of Cherries" which I didn't actually get the gist of (maybe I still don't). My mother was fond of warding of heat stroke with hats so me and my two sisters rode a ferry boat to somewhere all with silly matching hats. (we were proud of them :) I also had a leather beaded belt that read Mackinaw Island (the anglo spelling) and since I was probably about nine I promptly grew our of it, (bad choice). The word souvenir means remembrance or memory, so my memories sit around on window ledges and such, rocks, bones, nests and feathers, pods, leaves and the like. My girlfriend was worrying about who was going to inherit her stuff ( a funny worry to me, who cares) Just throw my junk back outside from whence it came I said. I'm getting rambly here, yesterday I didn't feel like talking so I didn't m u c h.

Queen of the Silver Dollar

What I'm getting at is the inspiration for my new pieces, little bits of this and that, collections, this one surrounding a pearl heart. I need better pictures, the pearl actually looks like silver but it sheens pink lying down which is the only position I currently have pictures in.

I was reticent to blog these because I don't have pictures with Laura yet, but what the hay, I like to show you what I'm doing.

I love this piece and she's the Queen of the Silver Dollar about the same diameter as the actual coin, shabby in all the right ways, I'd have to say.


Growing Turquoise

I planted a turquoise and it started to sprout. It would be nice if it was that easy, squirrels running off with blue stained mouthes. I don't know what's gotten into me, maybe it's remembering that cherry hat, I must find out if my sisters remember it since I am the oldest.

organically grown

Diana size 8

We found a road that lead to a river that we walked the banks of, as we had not been there before we were intrigued, it was an adventure. The river cut lower and lower into a slot canyon with beautiful rock formations. Under one high jutting cluster of rocks I found a boneyard, tiny rodent bones bleached white, a tremendous assortment below a wonderful safe ledge with a convenient overhang where some bird of prey made a fat living. I just love finding clues as to the comings and goings of quiet places.


*Sold Moonstruck 7 3/4

You should know by now how much I love the moon, I'm sure you do too, there was a full one tangling in the Ponderosas, peeking in and out of pink clouds, the whole thing mirrored in the lake.

it's true I'll show you the pictures :)


Raven size 8

That bold black bird of the desert breaking the silence with its call. I love his dark silhouette in the sky, standing on a rock, in a stark tree, watching them tumble in pairs, life mates. sighhhhhhh


good JuNk!

Wishing you all good things today, a bowl of cherries :) xoxo Ro


  1. What kind of muffin did you eat this morning? You sound funny! xoxo

  2. I'd buy at your souvenir shop, bowl-of-cherries hats even!! You know EXACTLY what should be kept and shown.

    AND I like that idea--"...just throw my junk back outside from whence it came...."

    PERFECT way to celebrate a life, and new life.

    Queen of the Silver Dollar, indeed!!!!!!

  3. Junk! tee hee, giggle...from treasures to bits, it might take a while at least its all organic!
    I have always *loved* the souvenir shops...hah hah, kindred spirits we were Ro.

    I had a red cowgirl hat from Knotts Berry Farm, I wore that one alot whilest hiding from the bad guys in my back yard.
    I even had one of those cool "Indian" beaded belts!
    I think I mentioned before that at age 7 the panning for gold at Knotts is what really got me started on looking for treasures in the streams on the ground!
    Oh...and since we are on the subject..remember going to the Grand Canyon and stopping there? I LOVED the turquoise rings they had on display... I always wanted one!
    heh heh, now I have grownup turquoise jewelry made with love from my guide ~ ALONG THE TRAIL!
    hugs! xo

  4. Wow, all these pieces are SO wonderful & the stories of experiences & images that inspired them make them SO interesting!!! I especially like the raven corset ring!! Also love the tiny bones:)

    As a kid, we went on summer road trips, often through the southwest & I LOVED those "Indian trading posts" I had a little beaded belt, too :) Don't know what happened to it, but I still have a tiny souvenir squash blossom necklace made with motifs cast in silver colored metal with tiny fake turquoise & affixed to bathtub chain (decades before ball chain became common). It's definitely junk but interesting :-) Actually I still have alot of stuff I collected as a kid (not to mention as an adult). xoxoxo

  5. Such lovely new work! I love the Queen of the Silver Dollar. Gorgeous!

  6. Love it all Ro, especially the corset rings and the last one with the raven...they are so full of texture and stories and love!

  7. H eheee Mona, muffin free eeee! xo

    Aww Caroline I'm wondering if those were song lyric's so silly.
    I know you like good junk too.
    I wish I had taken a picture of an old broken down bar in an old broken down town actually called The Silver time.

    I know you're a junkie too Deb in fact I've given you good junk :) :P
    We certainly came up in the world when it comes to jewelry, good thing.
    I like the image of you in your cowgirl hat sweeeet!

    I think I jostled a lot of memories about road trips as kids. I was always prone to car sickness I once vomited grape soda on Paul Bunions giant boots, Babe was spared...
    I wonder what ever happened to all our belts :(
    You got a good start, my gosh I wonder if you knew they were squash blossoms, that's awesome.

    Thank you for the jewelry kudos everyone it's such fun.

    Thank you Amy it means a lot.

    Thank you Sierra and for your visit, your new work is wonderful!

  8. They're all so pretty! Really love the Raven Ring ♥

  9. it's all just lovely....

    happy to see you today...and happy to stop by....

    kary and teddy

  10. Speaking kindly of Cherries thank you Ms Hill happy spring!

    Good to see you too Kary............and Ted

  11. I too have a thing for bits and pieces, little sumpthin's and bobbles. And what a better way to be done than to simply let them go back to whence they came. Love to you this morning.
    And please don't make us wait on laura's account.... they are just as stunning sitting on your table.

  12. Love you back Sam

    I knew you had a thing for bits and pieces, of course you would.