Saturday, September 10, 2011

From the Lake

Currently snaking wifi from a Shilo Inn in town :) The weather is cool, cold, rainy, sunny, thunderie, hailie and delightful.
*fireweed butterflies

view of the lake

late season asters

from our camp

tiny champion hiker

what's for dinner? ME, the mosquitios think I'm delectable :)



Go get em, fish for dinner?

plant id?? Help, what is this, can I eat it?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, Love Ro


  1. Beautiful photos Ro! Enjoy your trip!

  2. Woke up to overcast skies and cool, lovely weather of our own... but, that's not all! Sky just opened up with about 5 minutes of honest-to-goodness rain. Thought of you as I stood on the porch and let droplets fall on my face. Glad you and Eric are in a gorgeous spot of your own. The photos have been delightful. Missing you and all the fun of the blogging world...but I'm still in a meditative, hibernation mode. *zen grin*

  3. Beautiful! I don't know what that plant is (big frownie). If you find out, let us know.

  4. sounds and looks like bliss. luckily the lighting and rain didn't come to lone pine peak, which my husband was rock climbing up. but he said the skies were fantastic, they could see the bolts up your way.

  5. Enjoying your trip photos!! Looks SO wonderful!! Wow, the osprey-profile & face:) Continue having a great time! xoxoxo

  6. Hopefully you managed to find an Osprey feather or two!

  7. Hi Ro -

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.....I especially like the last one! ♥