Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tomato Thief

One of the joys of summer is watching the tomatoes ripen.....

and enjoying them in sandwiches. The other day we were watching and counting the days as a big juicy one made the slow change from green to red. One more day my husband figured. When we went out the next morning Banjo was licking her lips. One more day indeed, she had been watching it too, so we have a thief on our hands.

What to do?
Humiliation is the best way to deal with a wayward dog, so we dressed her as an old woman and took pictures to show all her facebook friends.

She was a little stunned that we would do such a thing and tried to pretend it didn't bother her.

But she couldn't hold out forever and began to seethe.
I hope she learned a lesson, we don't mind sharing a slice or two, mustn't be greedy now.

Have a good day Ro and Grandjo


  1. OH heeee HEEEEEE! I'm laughing!!!!!!!!

  2. bwwaaahhhahaha!! love it, and mental note made. little devils.

  3. Oh, goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! What that dog has to endure...all for the taste of tomato.

    (Go, Banjo. Go, Banjo. Go, Banjo.)

  4. Oh my goodness...those pictures are adorable. We have tomato thieves also (squirrels) but they not nearly as adorable as Banjo is.

  5. Oh Ro, This is hilarious!

    Poor ol' Grandjo, I bet she will think twice before running off with a ripe and ready tomato again! (Or, maybe not, I bet it was tasty!)

    Way back in the days before we had kids, we used to put a visor and sunglasses on our English Setter when we went to the beach. He seemed to like it. He never tried to take them off. I guess they really helped with the glare.

    Dogs are the best! (Even if they steal a tomato or two.)

    Hang in there Banjo!

  6. TOO funny Deb, slightly cruel ha haaa, she deserves it.

    xo from Jo Jaime.

    You gotta do it Sam or they'll run your life :) :)

    That's the prob Caroline we should have never given her a taste. She's all or nothing!

    She WAS out there on squirrel patrol Sandi, sheeshhhh! She steals snap peas and low growing figs :(

    Oh gosh Cinder English Setters are one of my favorite breeds. I love their sweet goofy dispositions. Banjo is very much like one in personality. She holds nothing against us. I knew a red and white ES named Ned and I LOVED him, red head Ned.

    Making rad earrings today since EARLY and found out we will be going to House of Blues tonight in Hollywood. I need a nap :(

  7. Oh, man... (heh heh heh!) When I first started reading, I thought this was going to be a post about some errant rodent or rabbit, or maybe a tirade against snails or birds. I confess, I never would have suspected Jo... I'm a sucker for that sweet face and dark eyes.

    The photos are Hilarous (with a capital "H"!)... Though I know the intent was to humiliate her, I've got to say that she is really rocking that head scarf. I wish they looked that stylish when I try to wear them!


    P.S. I'd love a couple of slices of that gorgeous tomato for myself, please! With just a sprinkle of salt -- yummmmmmmmm.

  8. I'm laughing too!! She looks so funny (& human) in scarf & glasses :-) I also expected a bird, squirrel or bunny thief, not a dog. But I LOVE vine ripened tomatoes, so why am I surprised that Banjo does to? :) Hope you managed a nap before heading out to hear music into the wee hours!! xoxo

  9. We have those too Harsi and hungry rats at night but Banjo loves all vegetables, who can blame her.

    salt and pepper!

    Banjo in babushka :) :)

    Priscilla Banjo will put up with anything, anything! I had such a creative rush today I couldn't stop but maybe I'll catch a nap in the truck.


  10. House of Blues????????????????????????

    I have even heard of that place, from way out here on the prairie.

    Oh my GOSH!! WOW--I'm so glad you're going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a grand time!!!!

  11. OMG heeheehee! you are so funny, and so amazing, i would not have known to do that. you'd have to do alot more to straighten little owen out. too funny. i love these photos.

  12. I had a black lab that tended the figs that spilled over the fence from our neighbors in Naples, Italy. She would test them every day until they were ripe, then eat them! She also loved vine-ripe tomatoes...