Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things With Wings

*sold Damselfly

It feels like it's been a long time since I've written anything here. I've been keeping busy doing other things, mostly with friends just trying to fend off the blahs. It's not sadness or depression I'm feeling, I know it's this particular time of year, the time of the great transition, season change (things move slowly here in that regard) school starting, everything is so dry, finishing up. I'm not complaining, I have nothing to complain about, I think some of you in cold climates feel the same way when your long winter trudges on and on and the anticipation has you feeling a bit stir crazy. My feeling are validated when I speak with friends who are there too without realizing why.
and so it goes.... (I've been reading Kurt Vonnegut :)

I created a couple of blue things, blue things with wings. I forgot how much I love labradorite, I think because it's so plentiful on etsy, I have a tendency to avoid it, why, it's an amazing stone. When I have it at shows it really has the wow factor and it should, it has the properties of an insect wing or maybe the aurora, though I've never seen it.

tails and details

The back looks like stained glass, it is not polished which I like. I etched a damselfly in honor of the color, the piece looks like it could have been designed by LC Tiffany .

The chain is 30 in long and the pendant is suspended from one ring rather than two encouraging the piece to flip when you wear it.


I have a bluebird brain lately, I was working on my deck yesterday when I heard the sound of falling water, when I looked up the birdbath was boiling with bluebirds, LOVE!

I know the offerings are pretty sparse lately but all the details are in them, lots of thought and time. There are periods of great inspiration and bodies of work come spilling forth, then their are the lean times.

For all of you in the wake of the hurricane you are in my thoughts, for the flood victims, current and the ones who fell victim earlier this year, who are trying to rebuild, my heart goes out to you.

Our internet pooped out and we each spent nearly an hour speaking on the phone to verizon. My favorite part when your internet service is down is calling their help line and being directed to www. (huh) I think if we could do that we wouldn't be wasting our time calling.
and so it goes.....

Thank you for your suggestions, I most certainly was out hiking high in the mountains where the air is cool, I'll show you some pictures.

Wishing you all a fine Wednesday, Love Ro


  1. Our internet was down for 5 days..from a bad storm that came through...not hurricane related at all. The new work is beautiful...i especially love the little bird piece.....bluebird of happiness! ❤

  2. Awwww thank you Sue,
    I wish we could get some weather action.
    I must admit to enjoying being freed from the great net for a spell.

    I was thinking the same thing in regards to the bluebird, they certainly bestow happiness in my heart.


  3. I love Kurt Vonnegut...must reread something. Lovely Things with Wings. Our internet is intermittently on and off, I think they do it on purpose just to have fun with us. Just for you Fall poured in today, we had clouds to cool our summer skies.

    I know what you mean about August..I think this is the month where I take in deep breaths and say here comes another year.


  4. Glad to see you back on the trail. :-)

    Both of these pieces are absolutely breath-taking.
    I didn't understand the feeling of hyperventilating until I saw these and I had to really THINK about breathing.

    Your birdbath post from last week was so much fun, Ro, and apparently the bluebirds think so, too--they probably "tweet" each other to meet in the Darrow garden.

    It's okay to be corny.

    Yes, I do understand that transition from the "long season." You're right--for us, it's winter. You, summer. Be kind to yourself.

    Both of these pieces just sing, "Happy!!"
    Wow, lady. Just wow.

  5. P.S. Come visit the northern plains during an active sun cycle to see the aurora--you really must!!

  6. Hi Mona, I hope you do reread some. I like I like, and so 60's fun!

    We installed a new modem with great expectations, it worked perfectly yesterday and this morning it was kaput just like the old one. unplug reset, lock and reload.

    August is always a killer, a kill joy, look towards that which is lovely and fill up.


    You are just so sweet Caroline that's why they wrote that song :) thank you!

    Oh yes, oh yes that one is on my bucket list, penned in !!!

  7. Oh my dear Ro, those aren't sparse offerings: they are carefully curated collections! Beautiful!


  8. The bluebird is singing to me! Just wonderful.

  9. Oh, that damsel fly captured me. I went out to water the pumpkins the other morning, and the air was thick with dragon flies.

    I feel you, I've been more tired as we slide into fall, a bit more apathetic than I would like. It's been so hot and dry the leaves are turning brown and falling to the ground before they have a chance to change colors and our yard is riddled with wide cracks and covered in brown grass... and so it goes..

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, as always I am blown over by the wonderful layers and details in your work, just beautiful.

  10. Thank you Allison, from one who knows :) xxxx baby blessings to you!

    Gracias Tess

    "thick with dragonflies" I love that image and the pumpkins.
    I think apathy is a general feeling this time of year Susie, we must excuse ourselves.
    I could feel the breath of fall today, breathe on me.....
    thank you sweets.

  11. Oh my goodness....things with wings, indeed. I have said it before, but woman, you do NOT disappoint !!

    Oh dear, it turns out the bluebird is not only singing to ME. ;-} (Tess, I know how you feel!)

    Both pieces are *amazing* -- and do not need to explain the time and ♥love♥ put into these special pieces. It is so evident. (You're funny, Ro.)

    Lucky are the bodies that will be adorned by these beauties!!

    P.S. Here in NH, I feel like we are just getting revved up for a new season...I love the crisp, clean air of fall. Fall has become my favorite season.

  12. beautiful necklace - and even more stunning in person!

  13. I love blue, and you do such nice work.

  14. Your work is wonderful!
    I am envious of your bluebirds in the birdbath. I have only spotted two in my life, and they are my state bird! My land surveyor husband sees them often while out in the fields. Lucky guy!

    I am also a damselfly/dragonfly watcher. There is a pond that I go to in my kayak and I spy many different kinds. Heaven on earth to me! Love your etched damselfly.

    We have recently been dealing with the verizon help line too. The only way to get through that experience is with a boatload of patience!

    xo : )

  15. glad you were able to get everything sorted. those are true tests of patience. thank goodness for speaker phone (while on hold).

    ro, these necklaces are stunning. oh my goodness. how do you think these up? do you sketch them on paper? i'm just so very impressed.

  16. Tweetle dee Ms Bird, you know I just had to do it.
    Can you tell how hard on myself I am?
    You New Hampshirians are known nationwide for your autumn, it must be spectacular!

    And more stunning on you Laura :) Thank you for your friendship and willingness to help.

    I love blue too Shark thank you for visiting, I love my work.

    Hi Cinder, I never even saw a w bluebird until about five years ago. For some reason their populations seem to have blossomed, I know there's a group of people that monitor nesting boxes because their populations had become so low but now we see scads of them. They seem to use our garden as a regular stop off point and each year the numbers increase.

    I'm jealous you have a place to kayak my name is Ro you know, I want to live by water again.

    Yes a BOATLOAD of patience though I must say their reps are very nice and also patient, I can imagine what they must encounter.

    Sometimes I jot sketches down as ideas pop into my head Lori but mostly I make elements, this and that, little scraps of things I like, sometimes I won't use a piece for months then suddenly it fit's perfectly into a design I'm working on. Earrings are sometimes born from a sketch.
    I love the blue in your new cap and I'm a huge sucker for cable knits, your knitting is beautiful.

  17. Beautiful as always! Love the longer length.